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Was OJ Simpson innocent after all? Author suggests Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered by Jason Simpson, OJ’s son.

Jason Simpson wearing a knit cap exactly like the one found at the scene of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

Could Jason Simpson be guilty of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman?

The book titled “O.J. is innocent and I can prove it” by private investigator William C. Dear, suggests that O.J. may indeed be innocent for the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman (see full OJ Simpson murders story here). In the book, Dear suggests that the real murderer is O.J. Simpson’s son, Jason Simpson, who was 24 years old at the time. Dear proposes that O.J. did visit the crime scene shortly after the two victims were murdered but rather than committing the crimes himself, merely initiated a series of actions to help cover up the crime and protect his son.  It’s an interesting theory – but does it bear merit in the case against O.J.?

Nicole Brown SimpsonDear spent several years researching the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman murder case – visiting the crime scene, conducting interviews, and collecting evidence. Dear’s background reinforces the claim that Jason Simpson was the true murderer and hence, his theory cannot be easily ignored. You see, Dear is not new to cracking hard cases – he used the same method to investigate and solve the cold-case murder of Ohio man Dean Milo, which resulted in the convictions of 11 people, including Milo’s brother.

Dear hopes that the result of his investigation “will lead to the convening of a special grand jury, an arrest, and a conviction” for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

The evidence

Jason stops taking his medicine

Several points support the theory that Jason was the true killer.  For instance, Jason’s past criminal record (including drug use and arrest for assault with a deadly weapon) and troubled psychological problems for which he took prescription medicine (Depakote) for “intermittent rage disorder”. Dear points out that Jason stopped taking his prescribed medicine three months before the murders and that only six months before the murders, he went to the emergency room because he was hearing voices and felt as if he was “going to rage”.

Last minute restaurant cancellation

Ronald GoldmanAccording to Dear, on June 12, 1994, the night that Nicole Brown Smith and Ronald Goldman were murdered, Jason believed the family were to dine at the restaurant where he worked, hinting that the family’s unexpected change in plans (they changed restaurants at the last minute, likely forgetting to tell Jason) may have been a blow to his fragile ego. He notes that on that date, Jason has no supported alibi after approximately 9:50 PM (the murders took place between 9:45 PM and 10:05 PM) and that his timecard for that night was handwritten even though the electronic time clock at the restaurant was working fine.  In addition, he would have left the restaurant, where he was a chef, with several knives in his possession.

The black ski cap found in Jason Simpson’s storage building

After the murders, Dear purchased the storage locker that had been owned by Jason Simpson around the time of the murders. In the building, he found several items he believes are crucial evidence supporting his theory. A photograph, dated March 24, 1993, shows Jason wearing a “navy watch cap” just like the dark blue ski cap found next to the bloody glove at the crime scene. Police had examined the ski cap found at the crime scene and revealed that it contained African American hair fibers which did not match O.J. Simpson.

Knife found in Jason Simpson’s storage building

Police point to bloody glove and navy knit cap found at the scene of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman's murdersAccording to Dear, one of Jason’s classmates told him that Jason was trained in hand-to-hand combat and field knife training while attending the Army and Navy Academy. He recalled that O.J. hated the sight of blood and that O.J.’s Swiss Army knife and stiletto knife were ruled out as murder weapons. But inside the storage unit once owned by Jason Simpson, Dear discovered a knife which matched the descriptions of the murder weapon. A “world-renowned” forensic scientist examined the knife and found that the butt of the knife matched a blow/injury Nicole suffered on top of her head.

Other forensic evidence points to Jason Simpson

Dear calls other forensic evidence into question too. Ron Goldman’s hands had many injuries suggesting he fought hard with the assailant. However, the day after the murders, O.J. voluntarily stripped for LAPD officers – there were no marks or bruises that indicated he had been in a violent scuffle – despite the fact that Goldman was a 3rd degree black belt.  Furthermore, none of the 15 separate fingerprints at the crime scene matched O.J.’s. The fingerprints of Jason were never compared to the evidence. Finally, he notes that the foreign blood and skin found on Nicole’s body and under her fingernails did not match O.J. while Jason never provided a DNA sample to the police. You see, according to the author, the day after the murders, and before his arrest, O.J. hired top criminal attorney Carl Jones to represent Jason who at the time had never even been named as a suspect.

Dear calls into question other circumstantial evidentiary points that hint Jason Simpson was the murderer. For instance, records showed that during a fit of rage, Jason had nearly killed an ex-girlfriend and seriously injured another using a knife and that at the time of the Simpson/Goldman murders, Jason was on probation for assault with a deadly weapon after attacking his boss with a knife. O.J., on the other hand, had no prior record of using any sort of weapon to settle disputes.

Or is Dear full of it?

Dear presents an interesting theory, no question.  Possibly the LAPD and the district attorney made a rush to judgment when arresting O.J. But the biggest concern I have with Dear’s theory is the timeline he presents for the murders.  In less than 20 minutes, could Jason have murdered the two victims, called O.J. Simpson to tell him about his act, and O.J. had time to arrive on the scene and back home to meet the awaiting Limousine that was to take him to the airport?

Then again, there’s this photo of Jason Simpson taken the moment O.J.’s “not guilty” verdict was announced.  Emotionless or angry, his reaction deviates significantly from the reactions of other family members.

Jason Simpson at the moment O.J.'s "not guilty" verdict was announced

We may never know.  O.J. Simpson has been in prison for armed robbery since 2008. The whereabouts of Jason Simpson are currently unknown.

How the evidence stacks up

Here’s how other evidence in the O.J. Simpson trial stacked up.

Inside the storage unit once owned by Jason Simpson, he discovered a knife which matched the descriptions of the murder weaponGloves

  • Glove found behind Simpson’s house contained genetic markers of Simpson and the victims
  • A blond hair similar to ex-wife was also found on that glove
  • Gloves didn’t appear to fit Simpson


  • Bloody socks found in Simpson’s bedroom with genetic markers of Simpson and his ex-wife


  • Bloody footprints near bodies found with match between Simpson’s genetic markers and victims’
  • Footprints matched size 12 Bruno Maglis, a relatively rare and expensive Italian-made model. Jason Simpson wears size 12 shoes
  • No evidence presented that OJ Simpson ever owned such shoes

Knit hat

  • Hairs found in a dark knit cap were similar to Simpson’s
  • Defense argued hair meant assailant was likely black, as is roughly 10 per cent of Los Angeles’ population
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