NASA finds June 2023 the hottest month on record.

Heat map shows earth warming

June 2023 was the hottest June ever recorded, according to NASA’s global temperature analysis. This analysis is based on data collected from weather stations, research stations, ships, and ocean buoys. Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York analyze this data to account for uncertainties and maintain consistent methods for calculating global…

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“Mexican Tony Stark” tries to revolutionize forestry with the world’s first self-sustaining “tech forest” in the desert.

Waffle Forest

Waffle Forest, uses cutting-edge technologies to create the world’s first self-sustaining tech forest in the desert. This innovative solution, which includes an artificial intelligence system called ‘Ninja’ and a real-time health monitoring system for trees called ‘Tree Talker,’ has the potential to reverse desertification and reduce carbon emissions.

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