A sucker’s bet – atmospheric pressure science experiment.

Red or pink drinking straws in a container

Funny how we take everyday activities for granted. Take for instance – sucking through a straw. Have you ever stopped to think about how we are able to suck liquids through a straw? What exactly makes the liquid climb up the straw and into our mouths? Well, we know you’re just itching to know so…

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Make a homemade Lava Lamp experiment

An original Mathmos lava lamp, model "Astro", as it was sold during the 1990s

Lava lamps were immensely popular in the 1970’s. For some reason, your parents thought it was very fun to sit there and watch colorful liquid in a bottle swirl aimlessly around. They probably even chanted “Oh wow, the colors, the colors.

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Steel Wool Generating Heat experiment

Burning steel wool

Chemical reactions occur every day all around us. A chemical reaction is a process where one type of substance is chemically converted to another substance. That fizzling toilet bowl cleaner is a chemical reaction. The fire in your fireplace is another type of chemical reaction. The smoke that comes out of Dad’s ears when you…

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