Futuristic hi-tech gaming bed features built-in, ah, everything!

Bed with built in entertainment system

Check out this futuristic hi-tech gaming bed from Italy-based HiCan. The High Fidelity Bed is in such high demand that HiCan has started an exclusive reservation list for customers. The bed comes equipped with a JVC HD projector, 70” slide-down screen, and a high-end built-in computer. Aside from that, the bed is equipped with a…

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Anonymous dumps 1.36 GB of Italian Police – includes wiretap information, private police documents, and some soft porn

Anonymous Logo

An Anonymous group from Italy has released 1.36 GB of data taken from the Italian State Police servers that includes information such as Telecom Italia wiretap information, confidential information regarding interception devices, police reports, personal contact information, personal employment information, police officer salary details, and yes, some soft porn. The dump includes a complete archive…

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