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Cigar-shaped UFO captured in background of photo of Monte Sant’Angelo in Southern Italy

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UFO captured in photo of Monte Sant’Angelo in Southern ItalyA tourist has captured a strange image of a cigar-shaped UFO while visiting Monte Sant’Angelo, a Catholic sanctuary on Mount Gargano in Southern Italy. After noticing a strange object in the August 17, 2013, photo, the tourist, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent the picture to Italian UFO research organization Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM) who found it intriguing enough to begin analysis. After analysis, CUFOM concluded that the object was of highly reflective metallic construction and that the photo had not been tampered with. Thus far they have been unable to identify the object.

Below is the Google-translated report sent to CUFOM along with the photograph:

Hello to you all of the UFO Center Mediterranean. I turned to you knowing your great expertise in the field of UFOs and truly believe that you are good. X’d the photo because it shows of the back of a person who was photographing. I realized after reviewing the shot on the computer, that there is a strange flying object that I cannot decipher. The photo was taken on 08/17/2013 at 16:00 in Monte Sant’Angelo in the province of Foggia while I was on vacation, with a compact digital camera with a maximum resolution (12.1 mega pixel). At the time of shooting, as mentioned, perhaps due to distraction, to the naked eye I had not seen anything. We noticed the strange object, I repeat, only at a later time when we downloaded the photos. According to you, what would it be? Thank you.

Yours Saluti.

Spero that answer me soon.


It looks to me like it could be a balloon of some sort. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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