UFO sighted over Oregon – unidentified high-speed, high-altitude object tracked on radar, confirmed by several commercial pilots, chased with F15C Eagles.

UFO sighted over Oregon–unidentified high speed, high altitude object tracked on radar

Reports coming out of Oregon this week about an interesting UFO sighting that took place on October 25, 2017. Multiple pilots confirmed visuals of the object as it flew across the heavily-trafficked western USA airspace.  In addition, an air traffic control recording leaked and within days, NORAD confirmed the unidentified object flew across western US…

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Unapproved genetically modified “mutant” wheat found growing on farm in Oregon.

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This week, federal officials announced that they had found unapproved, genetically modified wheat growing on farms in Oregon. They noted that wheat of this type was developed by Monsanto to resist the herbicide Roundup during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. According to officials, for unknown reasons, Monsanto suddenly “dropped the project” in 2005 before…

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