Meet the new Atlas robot and see how well it reacts to bullying

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Atlas is a humanoid robot made by Boston Dynamics (the makers of the ever-popular BigDog military robot). Atlas can walk on two legs and use its “arms” to lift, carry, and climb (and maybe one day, fight back against robot bullies). Atlas is even sophisticated enough to adjust and navigate through tight, cluttered places.

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Join the movement – stop the abuse of robot dogs!

stop the abuse of robot dogs

Regular visitors to Geek Slop’s Mad Scientist Lab know Geek Slop loves robots. In fact, he’s pretty much fanatical about Boston Robotics’ four-legged dog robots (fanatical enough that some of us are beginning to worry). Check out the public service announcement call-to-action to stop the abuse of robot dogs.

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ASIMO (the robot) has learned some new amazing tricks!

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ASIMO is a remarkable humanoid robot built by Honda that looks a bit like a kid in a spacesuit. He is often shown off at trade shows in order to convince people that robots will not revolt and take over the world. So far, ASIMO can run (meaning he can chase you down!), climb stairs…

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Robotics, Robots, and how they’ll take over the world

ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) by Honda

In simple terms, a robot is a mechanical device that is intended to do the work a human would normally do. Robots can be as simple as a mechanical arm that helps assemble cars in a car assembly plant, or as complicated as a two-legged mechanical robot that looks very much like a real person.…

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