Make a homemade Lava Lamp experiment

An original Mathmos lava lamp, model "Astro", as it was sold during the 1990s

Lava lamps were immensely popular in the 1970’s. For some reason, your parents thought it was very fun to sit there and watch colorful liquid in a bottle swirl aimlessly around. They probably even chanted “Oh wow, the colors, the colors.

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Floating eggs in saltwater experiment

Eggs in salted water and in pure water from Six Weeks Of Vacation (1880)

Density is a measure of how much matter takes up a certain amount of space or volume. The more matter you can pack into a certain space, the denser it is. Although we often confused the two, density and weight are actually two different measurements. Weight is defined as the mass of an object times…

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Amazing melting properties of salt experiment.

A close up of salt crystals

Why do people pour salt on icy sidewalks to melt the snow? Usually, the result is a big pile of slush made of melted snow and ice crystals. And why do the lakes and streams freeze over solid while the ocean always remains flowing? Is there something magical about salt? Let’s find out!

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