How to make cement and mortar in the wild (aka survival cement).

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In a survival situation, a mixture of mud and grasses can be used to create a substance known as “survival cement”. Survival cement can be used to construct shelters, create cookware, kilns, and to wrap foods for “clay baking”. It takes two ingredients to make cement in the wild – mud and grass.

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How to build an elevated, raised Bog Ken shelter in the wilderness

Overview of a elevated wilderness shelter

For many reasons it is sometimes necessary or advisable to have one’s shelter raised off the ground. Especially is this true in the more tropical countries where noxious serpents and insects abound. To build a raised survival shelter in the wilderness, we must first erect an elevated platform. This is made by setting four forked…

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How to build shelters in the wild.

Lean-to shelter

A shelter can protect you from the sun, insects, wind, rain, snow, hot or cold temperatures, and undesirable observation from others. It can give you a feeling of well-being and help you maintain your will to survive. If in doubt about the importance of shelter, remember the “Rule of Threes”: You can survive 3 minutes…

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How to build a belowground shelter to provide protection from the elements

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A belowground (underground) shelter provides many advantages over an above-ground shelter. A belowground shelter can not only insulate you from the cold, it can reduce the midday heat as much as 16 to 22 degrees C (30 to 40 degrees F). A belowground shelter can also protect against enemy attacks, nuclear radiation, solar radiation, and…

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