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How to make a beach shade shelter.

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Beach Shade Shelter

The beach shade shelter protects you from the sun, wind, rain, and heat. It is easy to make using natural materials found in a beach environment.

Follow these steps to build a beach shade shelter.

  1. Find and collect driftwood or other natural material to use as support beams and as a digging tool.
  2. Select a site that is above the high water mark. You can typically determine where the high water mark is by observing debris patterns on the beach shore.
  3. Scrape or dig out a trench running north to south so that it receives the least amount of sunlight. Make the trench long and wide enough for you to lie down comfortably.
  4. Mound soil on three sides of the trench. The higher the mound, the more space inside the shelter.
  5. Lay support beams (driftwood or other natural material) that span the trench on top of the mound to form the framework for a roof.
  6. Enlarge the shelter’s entrance by digging out more sand in front of it and further back into the trench.
  7. Use natural materials such as grass or leaves to form a bed inside the shelter.
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