How to make tear gas at home.

Civilian throwing a homemade tear gas bomb

Police use tear gas to maintain control of crowds or cause them to disperse. For citizen survival scenarios, you can use tear gas to ward off enemies, disengage dangerous animals, or to make a location temporarily inhabitable by people.

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How to make a homemade blowgun and darts

Native using a blowgun

Many cultures have utilized the blowgun as a tool to capture or stun wildlife or as a weapon to defend their tribes. Blowgun projectiles for these weapons vary from seeds, clay pellets, piano wire, bamboo skewers, wire coat hangers, knitting needles, to darts dipped in poisonous substances. Projectile sizes range from .40 cal to .625…

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How to survive a knife attack

Defending yourself against a knife attack

Knife fights are rare – knife attacks on the other hand, and much more common. Knife attacks typically occur when the attacker is within arm’s reach of you but experts will say, anyone with a knife that is intent on attacking you is a threat as far as 30-feet away. Here’s how to defend yourself…

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