Unusual weather system brings concern of HAARP weather manipulation.

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In July 2013, weather forecasters noted a highly unusual weather pattern currently across the United States, one that moved from east to west. The strange movement of the storm system brought concern to some that the secretive HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) program may be conducting weather experiments and/or manipulating the weather around…

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Thieves caught after police track their footprints in the snow

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Thieves were caught after police tracked footprints they left behind in the snow. Two men held up a store in Whitnash, Warwickshire last Saturday morning (March 23, 2013) and left with money and lottery scratchcards. Authorities showed up to investigate and taking advantage of the snowy conditions, followed the thieves’ footprints to a nearby block…

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Black colored icebergs (they come in blue, green, and brown too).

Black iceberg

Icebergs are typically white but various factors can occasionally cause them to turn a different color – green, brown, black, or blue are possible. Factors that distort the iceberg color include a lower density of air within the ice (which allows less sunlight to reflect off the surface or pass through the iceberg with a…

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Marfa Lights – the mysterious light show in west Texas

The Marfa Lights seen from the Marfa Lights Viewing Area at early dawn. The two bright circular white lights are Marfa Lights, probably a few hundred yards away. The leftmost light is due to vehicle headlights traveling north toward Marfa on Route 67 from Presidio.

In 1883, the first official report of the Marfa Lights came out. A Texas homesteader, Robert Ellison, noticed the lights and feared that Indians were attacking his home. After viewing the lights for some time however, it became clear to Mr. Ellison that these mysterious lights were not attacking Indians. These lights danced and flew…

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