Icy Bombs

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On September 2, 1958 in Madison Township, New Jersey, Dominick Bacigalup survived an experience that to this date has confounded scientists. While sitting at his kitchen table, Dominick was bewildered when the roof and attic of his kitchen exploded with a deafening roar. After Dominick regained his senses, he was puzzle to find that a…

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NASA finds evidence that it snows dry ice on Mars

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It might not be accurately termed “a snowball’s chance in hell” but it comes close.  NASA thinks it might be snowing on Mars, just not the sort of snow we’d expect.  NASA has obtained evidence that it snows Dry Ice, the stuff we use to simulate fog in haunted houses.  That’s pretty cool given that…

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How to Survive Extreme Weather – how to survive any natural disaster.

Huge tornado

Extreme Weather Conditions Whether global warming or a natural cycle of atmospheric change, the worldwide weather patterns have worsened substantially.  Global average surface temperature has increased steadily since 1970.  Precipitation patterns have changed around the world and after 2,000 years of little change, sea levels have risen by 8 inches with levels rising at a rate…

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