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Facebook’s Horizon Worlds exits beta and is now available for free to everyone 18 years of age or older on the Quest 2 VR platform.

03 Opening Horizon Worlds to Everyone 18 in the US and Canada

Facebook today, announced they are making Horizon Worlds available for free to everyone 18 years of age or older in the US and Canada. Horizon Worlds is a social VR experience (aka, the beginnings of Facebook’s “multiverse”) where you can create and explore together.

Facebook is also debuting Arena Clash, a new team-based 3v3 laser tag game inside Horizon Worlds. And they’re launching new mechanics and templates for creators to use when building their own games. Creators can now modify working scripts to create their own games for the community to play.

In Horizon Worlds, you’re more than just a visitor — you’re part of what makes it great. And as Horizon Worlds expands, there’s plenty to explore. Here are some of the community’s favorites:

  • Pixel Plummet: Explore this retro, arcade-style multiplayer platform battle royale with a vapor wave theme. Just make sure you don’t fall! (Creators: Matthias and collaborators SKitter_, OcuLos410, Laex05 and Traveseo)
  • Wand & Broom: Fly high above Townscity on your magic broom with your trusty wand at your side, or just explore the city and hang out with friends. (Creators: TheJohnMclay and collaborators rcdegs, Elastic_Plastic, JHeff.CS, Chrish_Topher_066, Solaris30 and burnbuns)
  • Mark’s Riverboat: Grab your friends and enjoy a relaxing ride on the river aboard a triple decker riverboat. (Creators: tMARKbirman and 5andw1ch)
  • Screenshot of Wand & Broom in Horizon Worlds Wand & BroomScreenshot of Mark’s Riverboat in Horizon Worlds Mark’s Riverboat

Horizon Worlds is available to download for free on Quest 2 here (as of January 13, 2022.

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