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Students about to embark on 1,800-mile journey in the Stella Vita – the solar-powered RV that generates enough electricity on its own to drive, shower, watch TV, charge your laptop, make coffee, and more.


Anyone who thinks solar energy is not the future needs to talk to the Solar Team from TU Eindhoven. These students knocked it out of the park with their latest solar-powered vehicle design. The self-sustained Stella Vita camper will hit the road this month for a 3,000-kilometer test run from Eindhoven, Netherlands to Tarifa, Spain.

The Stella Vita was built by twenty-two students who describe the vehicle as a solar house on wheels. With a 94 square foot solar array on its roof, it is capable of generating 60-kWh of power while it travels the roads at a heady 75 MPH. When parked, slide-out solar panels expand the total area to 188 square feet. This means the mobile house is self-sufficient in terms of energy and can operate independent of charging stations.

The roof pops up for standing room and the interior includes a kitchen, shower, seating, a sleeping area, and more.

Students say the Stella Vita can travel up to 450 miles in a day (the fully charged battery provides about 375 miles).

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