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Did you know Las Vegas casino games use regular Intel-based all-in-one gaming platforms as the framework for their gaming machines?

Advantech DPX-E145 all-in-one casino gaming system

Gone are the days of mechanical slots, replaced by flashy, screaming electronic games. Virtually every game in Las Vegas and Atlantic City are electronic – but little is known about their inner workings. So it came as a surprise to me to learn that a lot of the games use generic all-in-one platforms to power their machines. For example, Advantech-Innocore’s DPX-E145 is a complete gaming system for the regulated casino and AWP gaming markets combining all the hardware features necessary for a gaming platform together in a single system. And it’s basically nothing more than a specialized personal computer.

At the heart of the DPX-E145 is the 11th Generation Intel Core processor, which includes high performance dual and quad core CPUs up to Dual Core @ 3.0GHz (3.9GHz max turbo), Quad Core @ 2.8GHz (4.4GHz max turbo) and sporting massive cache up to 12MB. The system is supplied with up to 64GB DDR4 PC3200 system RAM.

The “Discrete-level Graphics” core (Intel Iris X graphics) outputs to four independent monitors via four DisplayPort DP++ ports. The graphics engine features the latest Intel X architecture with up to 96 graphics execution units, providing performance and features including Direct X 12, OpenGL 4.5, OpenCL 2.2 and support for video decoding HEVC/VP9/SCC (10 bit). The new display engine is optimized for four 4K displays at 60Hz but also supports two 8k displays at 60Hz. Despite its high performance, the DPX-E145 is passive-cooled requiring no CPU fan in order to keep noise to a minimum.

The DPX-E145 has “Cabinet-ready I/O”. This design puts all the connectors conveniently in one area and uses typical slot machine industry connectors to provide an economical, robust harnessing design. The need for additional connector boards or backplanes is eliminated saving cost and simplifying cabinet layout and harnessing.

A wide variety of storage devices are used in the systems including SATA DOM, C-Fast, M.2, USB drive and the system has a built in easy-service tray for 2.5” SATA SSDs.

The systems are basically nothing more than specialized all-in-one personal computers. This allows for one of the most game-changing innovations in casino history – downloadable content. With downloadable content, a casino can completely change the slot theme without having to change the cabinet glass or even touch the machine.

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