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Wheelchair, smeelchair – This awesome Tankchair will take you anywhere!


With Tankchair you can reach places you never thought you could traverse at speeds that’ll blow your hair back.  TC Mobility (High Performance Mobility Products) began from one Phoenix man’s frustration watching his children go on hikes while their disabled mother was stuck at camp.

“We were always very outdoorsy, so we tried to keep that up.  We were camping and basically we had a bunch of elk come through the campground. So I went to Liz and I said, ‘You’ve got see this!’ But her chair kept getting stuck. She started crying. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing my wife cry. So I said, ‘I’ve got to change this.'”

Brad Soden used his Army experience as a front-line infantryman in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle unit and his mechanical know-how to create a solution that he now sells through TC Mobility under the name “Tankchair”.

With its 22:1 gear ratio, this badboy will go through streams, mud, snow, sand, and gravel using rubber tracks and high-torque electric motors.  It is designed with a low center of gravity for stability and features a one-piece steel chassis, sealed lead-acid 12V batteries, and a 24V 2HP variable speed motor.  We’ve seen video of this beast going through creeks, crawling up steps, conquering 10% inclines, and plowing through rugged ditches.

Brad’s wife explained how the chair has changed her life.

“A lot of people in wheelchairs give up on life.  They’re happy to sit on the couch and kill time. I want someone who wants to get out there and live. If it weren’t for my husband making this for me, I’d have been one of those people who gave up. This changes everything.”

Check out the pictorial below or visit TC Mobility’s website for more details.

[via Tank Mobility]
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