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Amazon rolls out new Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app for easy storage of photos on the cloud

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Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Android app screenshot

Amazon has rolled out a new photo-management application, Cloud Drive Photos for Android, this morning.  The application integrates tightly with the photo capabilities in Android.  Users can press and hold a photo in the gallery and choose “Upload to Cloud Drive” to send photos to Amazon’s cloud storage service or choose to upload all photos from their gallery.  The app also features options for sharing your photos with other installed apps (e.g. you can upload photos to Facebook directly from the Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app) and sending photos to friends.  The app also includes some pretty nice functions for photo viewing.

Amazon Cloud Drive includes a free level of service, offering 5 GB of storage before having to pay for additional space. Afterwards, users can buy storage starting at $10/year for an additional 20 GB.

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