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The big list of electronic component and integrated circuit (IC) package types

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Integrated circuit packages, the form an IC is manufactured in, are as wide and varied as a Donald Trump “alternative truth”.  Below is the big list of integrated circuit (IC) package types including the package name, package full (official) name, remarks and notes, and a picture of diagram of the electronic package.

Through-hole packages

Through-hole IC packages have leads which can be soldered onto a PCB or inserted into a breadboard slot.

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SIP or SILSingle in-line packageHas one row of connecting pins often with a lead frame used as a heat sink.SIP or SIL - single in-line package
DIP (DIL or DIPP)Dual in-line packageHas two parallel rows of connecting pins – 0.1 in (2.5 mm) pin spacing, rows 0.3 in (7.6 mm) or 0.6 in (15 mm) apart. Sometimes referred to as Dipn where n=total number of pins.DIP - Dual in-line package
CDIPCeramic DIPCDIP - Ceramic DIP package
CERDIPGlass sealed ceramic
QIP or QILQuadruple in-line packageLooks like a DIP but with staggered (zig-zag) pins to allow more reliable soldering.QIP - Quadruple in-line package
SDIPSkinny DIPStandard DIP with 0.1 inch pin spacing, rows 0.3 inches apart.
ZIPZig-zag in-line packageA short-lived packaging technology initially intended to replace the dual in-line packaging. Typically has 20 or 40 pins with rows staggered 1.27mm apart. Used by Acorn and Commodore Amiga.
MDIPMolded DIPMDIP - molded DIP package
PDIPPlastic DIPPDIP - Plastic DIP package


Surface mount packages

CCGACeramic Column Grid ArrayCCGA - Ceramic Column Grid Array package
CGAColumn Grid Array
CERPACKCeramic packageA hermetically sealed ceramic package with leads extending from both of its longer sides.CERPACK - Ceramic package
LLPLeadless leadframe packageLLP - Leadless leadframe package
LGALand Grid ArrayHas pins on the socket (when a socket is used) rather than the IC. Contacts are connected to a grid of contacts on the PCB.  Not all rows and columns of the grid are used. Used in microprocessors such as Intel Pentium 4, Xeon, Core 2, and AMD Opteron.LGA - Land Grid Array package
LTCCLow temperature co-fired ceramicEntire Ceramic support structure and any conductive, resistive, and dielectric materials are fired in a kiln at the same time. Typical devices include capacitors, inductors, resistors, transformers, and hybrid circuits. Often used in military electronics or RF applications.LTCC - Low temperature co-fired ceramic package
MCMMulti-Chip ModuleCome in a variety of forms and classified according to the technology used to create the HDI substrate.MCM - Multi-chip module package
MICRO SMDXTMicro Surface Mount Device extended technology

Chip carrier

A chip carrier has contacts on all four edges are are typically soldered onto a PCB circuit board or inserted into a socket.

BCCBump Chip CarrierBCC - Bump Chip Carrier package
CLCCCeramic Leadless Chip CarrierCLCC - Ceramic leadless chip carrier package
LCCLeadless Chip CarrierLCC - Leadless Chip Carrier package
LCCLeaded Ceramic Chip CarrierLCC - Leaded Ceramic Chip Carrier package (Texas Instruments)
LCCCLeaded Ceramic Chip Carrier
DLCCDual Leadless Chip Carrier (Ceramic)
PLCCPlastic Leaded Chip CarrierPLCC - Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier package

Pin grid arrays

A pin grid array (PGA) is a package with pins arranged as an array on the underside of the package.  Pins are commonly spaced 2.54mm apart and may or may not cover the entire underside of the package.  PGAs are commonly mounted on printed circuit boards using the through-hole method or inserted into a socket.

OPGAOrganic Pin Grid ArrayOPGA - Organic Pin Grid Array package
FCPGA or FC-PGAFlip-chip pin Grid ArrayFC-PGA - Flip-chip Pin Grid Array package
PACPin Array Cartridge
PGA or PPGAPin grid arrayPGA (or PPGA) - Pin grid array package
CPGACeramic Pin Grid ArrayCPGA - Ceramic Pin Grid Array package

Flat packages (aka Flatpack)

Flatpack is a US military standardized printed circuit board surface mount package.

CFPCeramic Flat PackCFP - Ceramic Flat Pack package
CQFPCeramic Quad Flat-PackCQFP - Ceramic Quad Flat-Pack package
BQFPBumpered Quad Flat PackType of QFP with bumpers on four corners to protect leads against mechanical damageBQFP - Bumpered Quad Flat Pack package
DFNDual Flat PackDFN - Dual Flat Pack package
ETQFPExposed Thin Quad Flat Package
PQFNPower Quad Flat-PackPQFN - Power Quad Flat Pack package
PQFPPlastic Quad Flat Package
LQFPLow-profile Quad Flat PackageLQFP - Low-profile Quad-Flat package
QFNQuad Flat No-leads packageAlso called MLF. Offers advantages including reduce lead inductance, small footprint, and low weight.QFN - Quad Flat No-leads package
QFPQuad Flat PackageA surface mount IC package with gull wing leads extending from each of its four sides. Similar to a PLCC package but with pins of less pitch. Typically 2.0 to 3.8 mm thick.QFP - Quad Flat Package
MQFPMetric Quad Flat PackQFP with metric pin distribution
HVQFNHeat-sink Very-thin Quad Flat-pack No-leadsA type of QFP with no component leads extending from the IC. Pads are spaced along the sides of the IC with an exposed DIE that can be used as ground.
SIDEBRAZESidebraze packageCeramic package with leads extending from both of the longer sides (a type of dual in-line package). It is hermetically sealed with a metal cap.SIDEBRAZE - Sidebraze package
TQFPThin Quad Flat PackSimilar to QFP but thinner. Typically has pins with 0.8mm pitch in a package 5mm by 5mm by 1mm thick.TQFP - Thin Quad Flat Package
TQFNThin Quad Flat No-LeadTQFN - Thin Quad Flat No-Lead package
VQFPVery-thin Quad Flat Pack
ODFNOptical Dual Flat No-LeadPackaged in a transparent package for use in optical sensorsODFN - Optical Dual Flat No-Lead package

Small outline packages

SOPSmall Outline PackageSOP - Small Outline Package
CSOPCeramic Small Outline PackageCSOP - Ceramic Small Outline Package
HSOPThermally Enhanced Small-Outline PackageHSOP - Thermally Enhanced Small-Outline Package
MSOPMini Small-Outline PackageMSOP - Mini Small-Outline Package
PSOPPlastic Small-Outline PackagePSOP - Plastic Small Outline Package
PSONPlastic Small-Outline No-Lead Package
QSOPQuarter-Size Small-Outline Package
SOICSmall Outline Integrated CircuitAlso known as SOIC NARROW and SOIC WIDE.  Typically named SOIC-n where n= number of pins.SOIC - Small Outline Integrated Circuit package
SOJJ-leaded SOIC packageA version of SOIC with J-type leads instead of gull-wing leads.SOJ - J-leaded SOIC package
SSOPShrink Small-Outline PackageHave gull wing leads protruding from two long sides with lead spacing of 0.65mm. Often used in pagers, portable audio/video, disc drives, radio, and telecom products.SSOP - Shrink Small Outline Package
TSOPThin Small-Outline PackageTSOP - Thin Small-Outline package
TSSOPThin Shrink Small Outline PackageHas legs protruding from the wide portion of the package with a leg count of 8 to 64.TSSOP - Thin Shrink Small Outline Package
TVSOPThin Very Small-Outline PackageTVSOP - Thin Very Small-Outline Package
uMAXMaxim trademarked package similar to a SOICuMAX - Maxim package
WSONVery Very Thin Small Outline No Lead PackageWSON - Very Very Thin Small Outline No Lead Package

Chip-Scale packages

ICs with an area no greater than 1.2 times that of the die (per J-STD-012 standard).

CSPChip Scale PackagePackage is no more than 1.2x the size of the silicon chipCSP - Chip-Scale Package
TCSP or TDSPTrue Chip Size PackagePackage is same size as siliconTCSP - True Chip Size Package
MICRO SMDCSP developed by National Semiconductor
COBChip-on-boardA bare silicon chip without a packageCOB - Chip-on-board package
COFChip-on-flexVariation of COB – chip mounted on flex circuitCOF - Chip-on-flex package
COGChip-on-glassVariation of COB – chip mounted on piece of glass (i.e. LCD)COG - Chip-on-glass package

Ball grid array

Surface-mount package typically used to permanently mount devices such as microprocessors. Soldering of these devices must be precise and is typically done by automated processes.

FBGAFine Pitch Ball Grid ArrayFBGA - Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array package
LBGALow Profile Ball Grid ArrayAlso known as Laminate Ball Grid Array
TEPBGAThermally Enhanced Plastic Ball Grid Array
CBGACeramic Ball Grid ArrayCBGA - Ceramic Ball Grid Array package
OBGAOrganic Ball Grid Array
TFBGAThin Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array
CTBGAChip-Array Thin Core Ball Grid ArrayCTBGA - Chip Array Thin Core Ball Grid Array package
PBGAPlastic Ball Grid ArrayPBGA - Plastic Ball Grid Array
MAP-BGAMold Array Process – Ball Grid Array
UCSPMicro Chip Scale PackageUCSP - Micro Chip Scale Package
uBGAMicro-Ball Grid ArrayBall spacing is less than 1mm
LFBGALow Profile Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array
TBGAThin Ball Grid ArrayTBGA - Thin Ball Grid Array package
VTBGAVery Thin Ball Grid ArrayVTBGA - Very Thin Ball Grid Array package
SBGASuper Ball Grid ArrayHas more than 500 pins
UFBGAUltra Fine Ball Grid Array

Transistor, diode, and small pin packages

MELFMetal Electrode Leadless FaceType of leadless surface mount package that is metalized on both ends.MELF - Metal Electrode Leadless Face package
SODSmall Outline DiodeSurface mount diode package.SOD package
SOTSmall-outline transistorSmall footprint, surface mount typically used for transistors but also diodes and voltage regulators.SOT package
TO-3Panel mount with leadsOften used for transistors, rectifiers, and ICs.  Usually has two mounting holes, two leads, the case being the third connection.TO-3 package
TO-5Metal can package with radial leadsOften used for transistors and some integrated circuits. Base diameter of 8.9mm, cap diameter of 8.1mm, and cap height of 6.3mm.TO-5 package
TO-18Metal can package with radial leadsMetal cased, simliar to TO-92 package (but more expensive).  The tab is located 45 degree from pin 1 (typically the emitter). Lead diameter of .45 mm, cap diameter of 4.5 – 4.95mm, and overall width of 5.4mm.TO-18 package
TO-39TO-39 package
TO-46TO-46 package
TO-66Similar to TO-3 but smaller.Similar to the TO-3 package but smaller.TO-66 package
TO-92Plastic encapsulated package with three leadsWidely used for transistors. Typically cased with epoxy or plastic.TO-92 package (transistor)
TO-99TO-99 package
TO-100TO-100 package
TO-126Plastic encapsulated package with three leads and a hole for mounting on a heat sinkTO-126 package
TO-220Through-hole plastic package typically with a metal heat sink tab and three leadsTO-220 package
TO-226A small plastic-molded transistor outline package commonly used for discrete devices such as transistors, thyristors, and ICs with low lead counts.TO-226 package
TO-247Plastic encapsulated package with three leads and hole for mounting on a heat sinkTO-247 package
TO-251 or IPAKSimilar to DPAK but with longer leadsTO-251 package
TO-252 (SOT428 or DPAK)Similar to DPAK but smallerTO-252 package
TO-262 (I2PAK)Similar to D2PAK but with longer leadsTO-262 package
TO-263 (D2PAK)Similar to TO-220 without the extended tab and mounting holeTO-263 (D2PAK or DDPAK) package
TO-274 (Super-247)Similar to TO-247 but without the mounting holeTO-274 package

Additional information

IC chip dimensions


How to read surface mount IC chip dimensions

C – Clearance between IC body and PCB
H – Total Height
T – Lead Thickness
L – Total Carrier Length
LW – Lead Width
LL – Lead Length
P – Pitch

Through hole

How to read surface mount IC chip dimensions

C – Clearance between IC body and board
H Total Height
T – Lead Thickness
L – Total Carrier Length
LW – Lead Width
LL – Lead Length
P – Pitch
WB – IC Body Width
WL – Lead-to-Lead Width-

All measurements below are given in mm. To convert mm to mils, divide mm by 0.0254 (i.e., 2.54 mm / 0.0254 = 100 mil).

C – Clearance between package body and PCB.
H – Height of package from pin tip to top of package.
T – Thickness of pin.
L – Length of package body only.
LW – Pin width.
LL – Pin length from package to pin tip.
P – Pin pitch (distance between conductors to the PCB).
WB – Width of the package body only.
WL – Length from pin tip to pin tip on the opposite side.

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