FCC Chairman Ajit Pai - aka "The Dolt"

As feared, FCC and big ISPs plan to roll back Net Neutrality rules – ISPs win, consumers lose

As feared, the FCC has decided to dismantle Obama-era net neutrality rules, rules that protected consumers from ISP throttling.  The winners of course, are ISPs, cable companies, and wireless companies.  The losers - the American consumer.  The changes are expected to be approved at a Federal Communications Commission meeting in mid-December. 
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Logan Paul jumps over car and lives to tell the tale

Logan Paul posted this Vine video that further demonstrates his unique ability to tell an interesting tale in six seconds or less (i.e. If you can dodge a ball, you can dodge a car) . In the video below, Paul dodges a car, jumps another car that passes under him, then does a dive to the road surface to allow a speeding pickup truck to pass over him. Hats off to Logan – real or fake – we don’t care. Great video that makes our hearts jump!
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Scientists discover evidence of mind-bending “dark lightning” – invisible sprays of X-rays and intense bursts of gamma rays

Scientists have discovered something mind-bending about lightning – sometimes its flashes are invisible, just sudden pulses of unexpectedly powerful radiation. Termed "dark lightning", it is now clear to a growing number of lightning researchers and astronomers that along with bright, visible thunderbolts, thunderstorms sometimes unleash sprays of X-rays and intense bursts of gamma rays (called terrestrial gamma-ray flashes, or TGF), a form of radiation normally associated with such cosmic spectacles as collapsing stars. The radiation in these invisible blasts can carry a million times as much energy as the radiation in visible lightning, but that energy dissipates quickly in all directions rather than remaining in a stiletto-like lightning bolt. A person could be struck by dark lightning and they would never even know it.
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Facebook’s latest blunder – bypasses Google Play store with latest software update causing confusion and problems for many users

We are really scratching our heads over this one. You gotta wonder what the goofballs at Facebook have been thinking lately. Their latest blunder? In their infinite wisdom, Facebook decided to bypass the Google Play store with their latest software update, issuing a software update prompt in the Android notification screen which has confused, frightened, and in many cases, caused problems for its users.
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Uh, Iran, if you introduce a new “advanced” fighter plane to the world, it should at least be capable of flying

Iran has taken the wraps of their new Qaher-313, a “super modern fighter plane” but rather than oohs and aahhs, they’re getting some rather puzzled reactions from the U.S. In fact, many are laughing about it. The plane appears to be a joke of some sort and by all appearances, is likely unable to even fly. Check the photos below for a complete explanation.
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Rumors abound that key Al-Qaeda websites have been knocked offline by prolonged DDoS attack

According to WTOB station (and as yet unconfirmed by Geek Slop), United States intelligence sources confirmed that key al-Qaeda websites have been knocked offline by a DDoS cyberattack lasting for the past two weeks (the sites have been dark since early December). The DDoS attack comes just prior to the release of the propaganda movie Salil al-Sawarim 3, which was scheduled to be released last week but has been delayed due to the DDoS attack against the al-Qaeda websites. The movie was supposed to herald the return of al-Qaeda in Iraq.
Syrian Civil War

Amazing pictures from the Syrian Civil War

The Syrian civil war is an ongoing internal conflict between the Syrian army and the Free Syrian Army. The uprising, which was inspired by the Arab Spring Revolutions, began as a chain of peaceful protests around the country for democracy and political freedom, which was immediately followed by a government crackdown whereby the Syrian Army was deployed to quell the uprising, and several cities were besieged as a result. According to witnesses, soldiers who refused to open fire on civilians were summarily executed by the Syrian Army. Here is a collection of amazing Syria Civil War pictures documenting the Syrian uprising and damage that has resulted from the war.

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