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Crazy Jane Personalities – A complete list of all of Crazy Jane’s 64 personalities.

Doom Patrol Crazy Jane Personalities - A complete list of all of Crazy Jane's 64 personalities.

Crazy Jane personalities and the mental city called “the Underground”

Who doesn’t love Doom Patrol’s Crazy Jane? By nature, her dissociative identity disorder character is massively complex which introduces story-enhancing conflict and makes her all-the-more interesting to watch. Doom Patrol writers created a uniquely fascinating metaphor to introduce all of Crazy Jane’s 64 different personalities.

Crazy Jane’s alters are organized in a mental city grid called “the Underground.” Each alter has their own ‘station,’ which serves as home when they are not in control in Crazy Jane’s current personality. If life becomes too tough for a personality, they can go to the lower section of the Underground where there is a well they can throw themselves into if the wish to be destroyed. The well houses a fractured resemblance of her father, who sexually abused her when she was young. This is the type of innovative writing that makes comic books so much fun!

To get to know Crazy Jane better, we’ve assembled a list of 57 of her 64 personalities (the other 7 have yet to be revealed by the DC Comics comic book or show).

Crazy Jane Personalities Complete List

  1. Baby Doll: This Crazy Jane personality is an innocent, childlike alter that is cheery and carefree all the time. She really likes Cyborg but is frightened of Robotman.
  2. Baby Harlot: Baby Doll and the Scarlet Harlot combined into one personality.
  3. Biker girl: Has not been introduced yet but was visible in some scenes.
  4. Bizzie Lizzie Borden: Jane’s ninth alter, which may be a fake personality that Jane made up.
  5. Black Annis: An aggressive alter, equipped with sharp claws, red eyes, and withered, blue skin. Named after the wicked witch who loves the taste of children. She hates men and manifests herself whenever Crazy Jane is threatened by a man.
  6. Blonde-headed boy: Has not been introduced yet but was visible in some scenes.
  7. Blood of the Lamb: In this form, their body is covered head to toe in blood coming from unknown (or nonexistent) wounds.
  8. Bubble: Not much is known about her powers, but her name is visible on the Underground map next to Rain Brain and Lucy Fugue.
  9. Butterfly Baby: Constantly suffers pain on a Hellraiser-like level in the deepest part of the mind.
  10. Crazy Jane: Crazy Jane has no powers that we know of. Her name is derived from that of a character in several poems by William Butler Yeats, as well as the eponymous painting by Richard Dadd.
  11. Daddy: An personality representing Jane’s father. He is portrayed as a giant monster made of insects, excrement, and puzzle pieces. Daddy talks in Jane’s voice.
  12. Dr. Harrison: White streak of hair and blue eyes. Able to telepathically suss out the childhood traumas of others. Power to influence anyone who hears her voice.
  13. Driller Bill: This Crazy Jane personality is an African-American woman.
  14. Driver 8: Conductor of the subway that transports personalities throughout the underground. The character is named after the R.E.M. song. The Driver’s hat has an infinity symbol (a sideways “8”) on it.
  15. Flaming Katy: Another of Jane’s anti-social personalities. She is a pyrokinetic that can emerge as living fire.
  16. Flit: She can teleport herself and anyone else to any place they want to go. Dresses in late 80’s fashion.
  17. Gladiator: Gladiator was visible in a crowd scene but not introduced.
  18. Hammerhead: She is hateful and very confrontational. She has super-strength. Jane creates a tattoo of a winged skull on her chest when Hammerhead manifests herself. In the underground, she is bald and wears a leather jacket.
  19. Jack Straw: A living scarecrow, like the straw-man from The Wizard of Oz but much scarier.
  20. Jeann: Her station could be seen as Cliff was falling into Jane’s mind.
  21. Jill-in-Irons: A large lady wrapped in chains. Likely a reference to Jack-In-Irons, a mythical giant in Yorkshire.
  22. Karen: A perky but unstable alter with the power to cast “love spells.” Loves 90s rom-coms and her boyfriend, Doug.
  23. K-5: The original host, Kay Challis, who vanished at age 5, before she was molested by her father. She is “sleeping”, or otherwise known as “dormant,” in one of the lower stations of the Underground.
  24. Kit W’the Canstick: An old woman who carries a burned-out candle.
  25. Lady Purple: She can see the future but rarely speaks about what she sees. She is often seen as a leader by the other personalities.
  26. Liza Radley: A stable, more “normal” appearing alter, awakened as a result of a loving environment, who pushes Jane to recovery. The other alters are unsure of how to react to Liza and feel threatened by her. She is named after a song by The Jam, the B-side of their single “Start!”.
  27. Lucy Fugue: She has radioactive bones and see-through skin. She can also generate harmonic vibrations, a power she used to defeat the Antigod. In the live-action series, this personality has powerful electrical powers (she was able to shock Cyborg into unconsciousness).
  28. Mama Pentecost: An expert enigma and cryptogram solver.
  29. Merry Andrew: This Crazy Jane personality dresses as a harlequin and carries toys around with him everywhere he goes.
  30. Miranda: The former dominant personality who took over after Kay went dormant; she destroys herself after the church incident, which led to the creation of Jane’s other personalities. Her “station” is now occupied by some indescribable horror, visible from a distance only as a weird light, which only Driver 8 can gaze upon without being completely destroyed (she covers Cliff’s eyes as they pass through this area, in Comic Canon). Miranda’s station (per TV Series Canon) is populated by noose-hung bodies and tortured souls.
  31. No One: She is very aggressive; was able to sense the Fifth Horseman and the Painting before it was activated.
  32. Orange, odd-shaped head guy: Has not been introduced yet but was visible in some scenes.
  33. Penny Farthing: She speaks with a stutter when on the surface, but speaks without one in the underground. Her sole job is determining when it is time to run. A Penny Farthing is the English name for the early bicycles that had an oversized front wheel and a tiny back wheel.
  34. Pepper’s Ghost
  35. Pretty Polly: Wears a black Victorian dress and has X’s carved into her eyes. Her name came from an English folk song about a woman who was murdered by her lover.
  36. Rain Brain: She speaks in stream of consciousness poetry and can take on an abstract immaterial form.
  37. Red-headed girl with birthmark: Has not been introduced yet but was visible in some scenes.
  38. Red-headed school girl: Has not been introduced yet but was visible in some scenes.
  39. Scarlet Harlot: A nymphomaniac with the power to create ectoplasm projections and absorb stray psycho-sexual energy.
  40. Sex Bomb: She explodes when sexually aroused.
  41. Silver Tongue: Her vocalizations are actualized in silver font, and can then be used as edged weapons. When acting as Jane, she has silver lipstick with braided hair.
  42. Spinning Jenny: Prone to panic attacks.
  43. Stigmata: She bleeds from her hands and feet and relives an incident at a church where she was assaulted as a young woman.
  44. Sun Daddy: A gigantic figure with a sun for a head with the power to throw fireballs.
  45. Sylvia: Has a spooky voice. She is moody. She was created to bear Jane’s fear of claustrophobia. She is locked inside of a small room, reciting poem fragments. She believes if she can put the fragments together, she can use them as a key out of the room.
  46. The Engineer: He assists Driver 8 in maintaining The Underground.
  47. The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter: This Crazy Jane personality is a quiet artist with the power to psychically interact with her paintings. Her name is taken from the title of an album by the Incredible String Band. She has a Frida Kahlo-esque unibrow.
  48. The Nun: A Catholic nun armed with a chainsaw.
  49. The Pointman: He assists Driver 8 in maintaining The Underground.
  50. The Secretary: A neat and orderly pessimist who rarely shows emotion.
  51. The Shapeless Children: Constantly repeats “Daddy don’ do it”, referring to the incident where her father sexually assaulted her.
  52. The Signal-Man: Another railroad-themed character that helps maintain order. His powers are not known but he seems to be able to sense danger and ghosts.
  53. The Sin-Eater: A masochist who believes she must suffer for her sins. Jane brings her out as a defense weapon when she is feeling intense physical pain.
  54. The Snow Queen: Presumably named after the Hans Christian Andersen character. Has the power to create and shape ice from nothing.
  55. The Wall Crawler: This Crazy Jane personality can stick to ceilings and walls. She has only been seen in Dr. Caulder’s office and may be one of the other personalities rather than a separate alter.
  56. The Weird Sisters: A three-in-one personality similar to Three Fates of mythology. Shown as a Three Headed Lady.
  57. Woman with shadow face: Has not been introduced yet but was visible in some scenes.
  58. Has not been introduced.
  59. Has not been introduced.
  60. Has not been introduced.
  61. Has not been introduced.
  62. Has not been introduced.
  63. Has not been introduced.
  64. Has not been introduced.

There are still other alters in Jane who haven’t yet been properly identified.