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Facebook, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do! FB bug has taken down Spotify, Tinder, Pinterest…


A bug in Facebook’s SDK has caused a large number of iOS apps to begin crashing including Spotify, Tinder, Pinterest, and any other app that makes use of the Facebook API like PUBG and yes, even Mario Kart. Social media users began reporting problems on Friday noting Spotify on iOS crashed as soon as it opened. Facebook offered the following courtesy explanation:

“We’re aware that some applications are currently affected by an issue in our Facebook iOS SDK. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Switching off mobile data and WiFi and then reopening the apps is reported to work. If you have the facilities on your mobile device, blocking traffic to Facebook servers will also get you by. Meanwhile, as Spotify reported:

“Something’s out of tune. We’re currently investigating, and we’ll keep you posted here!”

This is the second time a Facebook bug has widely impacted mobile apps but since we use it for everything from sharing contents with friends to login security, would you expect anything less? But hey, who knows, maybe this will save SafeDK from shuttering its doors.

Crash details

Facebook’s support system lit up. The first report came in around 5:10 AM:

Issue started about 11:20 UK time. It seems to have spiked and receded, with a few “aftershocks”, we are continuing to monitor it. Stack trace:

Fatal Exception: NSInvalidArgumentException0 CoreFoundation 0x1ace1d794 __exceptionPreprocess1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x1acb3fbcc objc_exception_throw2 CoreFoundation 0x1acd21f18 -[NSOrderedSet initWithSet:copyItems:]3 CoreFoundation 0x1ace2189c forwarding4 CoreFoundation 0x1ace237cc _CF_forwarding_prep_05 [Redacted] 0x10277d608 +[FBSDKEventDeactivationManager updateDeactivatedEvents:] + 64 (FBSDKEventDeactivationManager.m:64)6 [Redacted] 0x1027a7340 +[FBSDKServerConfigurationManager processLoadRequestResponse:error:appID:] + 259 (FBSDKServerConfigurationManager.m:259)7 [Redacted] 0x10278b1e0 __69+[FBSDKGraphRequestPiggybackManager addServerConfigurationPiggyback:]_block_invoke + 155 (FBSDKGraphRequestPiggybackManager.m:155)8 [Redacted] 0x102789a5c -[FBSDKGraphRequestMetadata invokeCompletionHandlerForConnection:withResults:error:] + 41 (FBSDKGraphRequestMetadata.m:41)9 [Redacted] 0x102787334 __82-[FBSDKGraphRequestConnection processResultBody:error:metadata:canNotifyDelegate:]_block_invoke + 806 (FBSDKGraphRequestConnection.m:806)10 [Redacted] 0x102787228 -[FBSDKGraphRequestConnection processResultBody:error:metadata:canNotifyDelegate:] + 839 (FBSDKGraphRequestConnection.m:839)11 [Redacted] 0x102786e38 __64-[FBSDKGraphRequestConnection completeWithResults:networkError:]_block_invoke + 788 (FBSDKGraphRequestConnection.m:788)

This was quickly followed by this report:

Come on guys! 2. time this year!! our app is failing to open….

Then these:

The same problem started today about two hours ago. Currently we have 2K+ crashes on all products that use Facebook SDK and application is still crashing.

Our app has been down for more than 4 hours, all our live users are affected. Kindly resolve the issue as soon as possible

Our all production apps suddenly stopped working. If there are any changes, can you guys please rollback it?
For us, it’s crashing at updateFilters: in FBSDKRestrictiveDataFilterManager class method with below error on console

We’re down in UEFA as well. Today was the draw of Champions League and Europa League… more than 4.1K and spiking…

We are also experiencing the same issue on the latest Facebook iOS SDK. Crashes are increasing.

I’m not going to double down on what everyone just said. But twice in two month it two time too many for such a crash generated by a bad server update.

Morever we cannot even kill your sdk with our remote configuration as it self instantiate itself once it’s in the project…

So please stop to schedule them to punish the European timezone and please make it so we can switch off your sdk to not be a victim of such outage ever again…