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New MySpace launches with totally new design and focus

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The new MySpace

The six-month beta period has ended. The new MySpace has just gone public and owner, Justin Timberlake, is featured all over the place. The new MySpace retains its focus on music (and less on social networking) and lets you log in with Twitter or Facebook accounts (and your old MySpace account if you still remember the password).  The interface looks clean, albeit a bit complex to navigate at first, and the content reminds us of Spotify, Google +, Windows 8 (yeah, the interface scrolls horizontally), YouTube, and Instagram all rolled into one.

The musical focus seems pretty nice to us. Pick your favorite music genres and the new Discover Content feature lets you find high rotation artists and songs, check out new albums and videos, and of course, grab tunes that the music industry is promoting.  Once you find an artist you like, connect and find similar artists. You can set up your own radio station and the “deck”, which lets you queue songs and create playlists, remains visible at the bottom of the screen throughout your visit.  The catalog seems a bit slim right now and the focus is still on emerging artists. Still, we’re gonna give it a whirl…

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