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Check out the questions on this original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) application (1921)

The first Knights of the Ku Klux Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee sometime between December 1865 and August 1866 by six former members of the Confederate army. Its original purpose was to be a fraternal social club with plenty of parody thrown into the initiation ceremonies. However, members began to take the organization seriously and found purpose as a vigilante group targeting black people and white Republicans.
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Oldest D&D d20 in existence? Twenty-face die from Egypt dates to 304 B.C.

Seems as if Egyptians were casting icosahedra dice long before D&D came into existence. This die is a twenty-face die dating between 304 and 30 B.C. It is held in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The piece was formerly in the collection of Reverend Chauncey Murch (died 1907) who obtained the d20 between 1883 and 1906 while he was a missionary in Egypt.
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Infamous MIT Hacks (Pranks) and their influence on hacker ethic

MIT pranks, or “hacks” as they are known in MIT lore, showcase MIT students’ scientific knowledge, mechanical engineering skills, anti-authoritarian whimsy, and geeky sense of humor. The tradition dates back to the 1870’s when students sprinkled iodide of nitrogen over the grounds of a military drill field causing mini explosions when fellow classmates conducted their marching drills. While other “better” educational institutions such has Harvard and Yale, went to great lengths to capture and punish pranksters, MIT authorities never made the mistake of regarding a prank as a crime and instead viewed them as an extension of the students’ curiosity, the true motivator in the quest for greater knowledge.

Donkey Kong video arcade game

Donkey Kong was released by Nintendo in 1981. In the game, Jumpman (renamed Mario soon later) must rescue a damsel in distress, Lady (now named Pauline) from a giant ape named Donkey Kong. The hero and ape later became two of Nintendo's most popular characters.

Galaxian video arcade game

Galaxian was developed by Namco in 1979 and was released in the United States in 1980. It was designed to be an improved version of the popular Space Invaders game and went on to become one of the most popular games during the golden age of arcade video games.

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