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Rare 170-caret pink diamond discovered in Angola is the largest such gemstone found in more than 300 years!

2022 07 28 8 24 27

The Lucapa Diamond Company announced the discovery of a record-breaking 170-caret pink diamond discovered in their Lulo Alluvial mine. The diamond has been named The Lulo Rose. LDC says the diamond will be sold to Sodiam E.P., the Angolan State Diamond Marketing Company. Board Chairman Dr. Jose Manuel Genga said:

“The record-breaking Lulo diamond field has again delivered a precious and large gemstone, this time an extremely rare and beautiful pink diamond. It is a significant day for the Angolan diamond industry and the long-standing partnership between Endiama, Lucapa and Rosas and Petalas.”

The pink gemstone is expected to fetch a high value when auctioned.

“Only one in 10,000 diamonds is colored pink. So you’re certainly looking at a very rare article when you find a very large pink diamond.”

Lulo is an alluvial mine which means the stones are recovered from a riverbed. The Lucapa company is searching for the underground deposits, known as kimberlite pipes, which would be the main source of the diamonds.

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