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WTF is up with Donald Trump Jr’s email comrade, Rob Goldstone? These photos are freaking me out.

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Our introduction to Rob Goldstone came via his role in helping the Russian government set up the Trumps (both Tiny Hands and Dumbo). We all know the Ruskies helped get Trump elected and now have something to hold over his head to ensure cooperation – and Rob Goldstone, New York playboy and old friend of the Trump family, earned newfound fame for his dastardly part.

Hard to dig up much about Goldstone (even the name seems fictitious).  But with photos that he posts on social networks (with the comment, “Can’t wait to see what flavor they have”), it’s no stretch to say Goldstone is a poof.

Can't wait to see what flavor they have - courtesy Rob Goldstone

This cliche Navy photo lends further credence.

I told them they needed to break up the solid white with some patterns - courtesy Rob Goldstone

According to Goldstone, “One fist I can understand, but two?” Yeah, potentially a freaky poof.

One fist I can understand, but two? - courtesy Rob Goldstone

It’s clear from the photos he shares on social media that he’s not ashamed of his sexuality. What’s not clear is why there are so many photos of him with young-looking boys.

it's a bit Freudian - courtesy Rob Goldstone

Admittedly, shaky, blurred photos make them seem more sinister but still, here’s a photo he posted with the caption “Always things to find at the market in Ipanema”. Holy crap! Run kid, run!

Always things to find at the market in Ipanema - courtesy Rob Goldstone

The grainy “club photos” with tween-looking boys groveling over him are especially creepy.

Cocktails - courtesy Rob Goldstone

And he keeps referring to these kids as his “muppets”?

At Turkish Airlines Business CIP lounge Istanbul - courtesy Rob Goldstone

And yeah, many of the boys featured in his photo collection appear to be Russian.

Chilly rooftop of Soho House with Josu Aritza Ramirez - courtesy Rob Goldstone

Not trying to be naive but these kids could be family – right? Cousins, nephews, something like that?  If so, they seem to be a tight-knit group.

Drinks with Amauri Salomao - courtesy Rob Goldstone

And this is only a VERY small subset of creepy photos he’s publicly shared. So tell me, should we be checking milk cartons?

Dubrovnik Muppet guide - courtesy Rob Goldstone
Fun at Bakus Music Festival with Aydin Mamedov - courtesy Rob Goldstone
Happy birthday to the one and only original Muppet Konstantin Sidorkov - courtesy Rob Goldstone
Milos and me in Montenegro going for a tour - courtesy Rob Goldstone
With Aydin Mamedov - courtesy Rob Goldstone
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