New research shows that besides being paranoid, suspicious, and eccentric, believers in conspiracy theories rely heavily on intuition and feel superior to all the other people who are too stupid to see the truth.

Conspiracy man says don't believe the lies you are told

According to research published by the American Psychological Association, people may be inclined to believe in conspiracy theories because of certain personality traits and motivations. These include relying heavily on intuition, feeling antagonistic and superior to others, and perceiving threats in their environment.

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The Russian purge – who’s killing Russia’s top diplomats and could the US somehow be involved.

Putin and his trusted advisor Nikolai Patrushev and his secret love interest Aleksandr Dugin

Initiated for a variety of reasons, sometimes as retribution, sometimes to “set an example”, but typically because of what the target knows, assassinations come in the form of plane crashes, car crashes, gunshots, “assisted suicide”, close-and-personal beatings, even imaginative forms such as binary poisons. Governments are brutally efficient extinguishers of human life. And when it…

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