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Mysterious places Google Earth doesn’t want you to see

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Why does Google blur out some places on Google Maps/Earth?

Possibly one of the easiest ways to find secret government projects is to look at how well they are hidden in Google Earth.  Government agencies, corporations, or private individuals can request that Google block satellite views of their location from Google Earth users.  In fact, anyone can type an address on Google Maps, click on the three dots, and then request blurring of the house by providing an email. After completing the captcha validation, Google takes care of your request. Once a blur is requested, it stays there forever.

Google Maps/Earth hidden places

Some requests to “hide” their location are trivial while others can be quite revealing via their intent. Here are several hidden Google Earth locations that are blocked, erased, whited out, or replaced with other images.

Baker Lake, The Inuit Nation in Northern Canada

Rumored to be a scientific setup used to block the locations of extraterrestrial beacons.

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Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany

This airbase is a NATO hub and rumored to be a testing ground for new technologies.

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Pacific Northwest, United States

Near the Washington-Oregon border, this location is rumored to be associated with FEMA or HARP.  People who have inspected the area report no unusual findings other than a fenced in area and an unmarked entrance.

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Unknown, Russia

Nobody is quite sure why this remote Russian area is blocked out.

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Colonel Sanders’s Face, Every KFC

We haven’t checked every single Kentucky Fried Chicken in the United States but from what we understand, Colonel Sanders’ face is blurred on every sign.

HAARP site, Gakona, Alaska

The controversial HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) project is rumored to be stationed here.  Testing of HAARP is believed by some to cause anything from floods to earthquakes.

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Babylon, Iraq

While the surrounding area is visible, the city of Babylon is blurred.  Some believe this site will eventually be a location critical to the start of the next World War.

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US Nuclear missile base in Netherlands

“Secret” site known to house nuclear missiles for the United States.

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