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What is this strange four-legged humanoid-like creature caught on CCTV crossing a UK highway?

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In 2007, highway surveillance video from the United Kingdom captured what appears to be a strange humanoid-like creature sprinting across a four-lane highway.  At full-speed, the video appears to be of an animal crossing the highway at a pretty fast clip but still-frames from the video call that identification into question. Still frame photos show what appears to be a human head, body, and legs on a bizarre humanoid running on all fours.

Proposals that the video was a fake were disproved by paranormal investigators.

“We checked with local authorities who oversee the CCTVs in this area, and this is not faked. They say it is genuine footage. This creature was filmed on CCTV running across a motorway in the UK.”

When the video first surfaced, explanations ranged from deer, squirrel, fox, cat, dog, wolf, to kangaroo (deer was ruled out quickly because they do not have forward-pointing knees).  To date the creature remains unidentified.

Watch the video below and post your analysis in the Comments section.

3 thoughts on “What is this strange four-legged humanoid-like creature caught on CCTV crossing a UK highway?

  1. I literally cannot think of one explanation for this. I could say it’s an wolf, a fox, a dog of some other sort…but that would be the excuse of someone in denial. Because this is just….wow. As fascinating as it is eerie. Great post! Love the site. Check it every day haha finally made an account to post comments.

  2. Yet again a grainy image showing not very much. As much as I would like to think this is something beyond normal, its most likely a sick big dog. If we assume that the guard rail at center road is about 2 feet high, I would guess this thing to be about 3 feet tall at the shoulder at most, does the UK have mange on its mainland?. It does appear to cast a shadow but the oncoming driver seems to have no reaction. This could also be a fake.

  3. it’s a greyhound with a missing tail.

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