Ship launch fail – ship falls over, madness and mayhem everywhere – NOT

noaa ship launch fail ship falls tips over

The video below shows the christening of an National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration vessel called the “Reuben Lasker,” in Marinette, Wisc. On June 16, 2012, as the ship slid into the water, it sent a dangerous burst of water and debris in the direction of the camera, knocking the camera operator unconscious. Although the launch…

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How to handle being charged by a 400 pound gorilla


Gorillas are considered to be highly intelligent. People are considered to be highly intelligent too – at least most of them are. In this video, note how the man handles being charged by a 400lb gorilla – by standing his ground and not flinching (his big balls probably keep him anchored pretty well too).

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Walking Robot made entirely of paper


This is pretty friggin amazing. This robot, created by a guy from Japan, is made entirely of paper and a few sticks. The body, gears, and framework are made of paper, glued together for stability, and uses rubber bands for power. It features articulating ankles and piston-like legs that allow the robot to walk.

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