The largest 4K video wall in gaming history measures 19 feet high by 260 feet wide. Check it out at Westgate Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Westgate Resort & Casino video wall

Semtech Corporation in collaboration with ZeeVee, a global manufacturer of video and signal distribution technology have created a world-class gaming environment at the Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The collaborative solution is powered by ZeeVee ZyPer4K encoders and decoders and Semtech’s BlueRiver® AV technology. The 18.8 feet by 260 feet wide video…

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Man says he filmed a Pterosaur filmed flying over Boise, Idaho.

Prehistoric pterodactyl captured on amateur video

Shot by an “amateur filmmaker”, the video shows a purported prehistoric Pterosaur flying over the skies of Boise, Idaho. In the bizarre footage below, a huge bird-like creature flies across the sky and even moves its head glancing toward. The huge wingspan is notable as is its distinct backward-pointing crest.

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