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Did the 2016 discovery of Proxima-B planet confirm prior claims of alien life in Proxima Centauri star system? The bizarre Elizabeth Klarer/Akon and Hands alien contact cases.

Elizabeth Klarer portrait of the alien Akon

The discovery of the Proxima-B planet aligns with prior claims of contact with aliens in that star system

Artist's impression of the planet orbiting Proxima Centauri
Artist’s impression shows a view of the surface of the planet Proxima b orbiting the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri.

The cases were completely separate but eerily similar. Both took place about 60 years ago (1950’s) and both involved witnesses speaking of alien inhabitants of a planet in the Proxima Centauri star system, a system about 4 light years away from earth. They told of a triple-star system and an earth-like planet that never grew dark. They described a sophisticated species who had visited earth several times before. The claims they made were bizarre, outlandish even, and in some cases contained scientific and technological revelations that were so advanced, even scientists today cannot completely grasp the concepts they unveiled.

Most passed off the cases as fantastical tales from a troubled soul or highly imaginative mind. However, in 2016, a ground-breaking astronomical discovery called both cases back into the spotlight. On August 24, 2016, researchers published a paper confirming the discovery of Proxima-B, and earth-like exoplanet discovered orbiting the habitable zone of the Proxima Centauri star system, a triple star system, about 4.3 light years from earth – precisely the location the subjects say aliens told them they hailed from.

The discovery of the earth-like planet Proxima-B leads researchers to look for prior mentions in UFO lore

Proxima Centauri is the closest star to the Solar System
Proxima Centauri (lower-right) and the double star Alpha Centauri AB (lower-left) from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

Alpha Centauri consists of three stars – Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B, and Proxima Centauri. The triple-star system appears as a single “star” in our night sky – the third brightest. The two larger stars in Alpha Centauri rotate around each other with Proxima Centauri, the smallest of the three stars and the nearest known star to the Sun, laying farther away.

The European Southern Observatory announced the discovery of Proxima b on August 24, 2016, in Nature magazine. They found that Proxima b orbits Proxima Centauri about every 11 days and its distance from Proxima Centauri places it within the habitable zone, a small area of space believed to be most hospitable for life. The discovery of Proxima-B is so significant, it has already been proposed as the first flyby destination for upcoming interstellar travel attempts.

When the discovery of the Proxima-B planet hit the wires, paranormal researchers immediately began checking to see if the star system had been mentioned in any prior alien/UFO/abduction encounters. Surprisingly, it had, not once, but several times, including a notable case about 60 years ago in which the witness claims to have spoken to inhabitants of a planet in the Proxima Centauri system, and again in a 1957 psychological study in which the subject was said to have relayed information from an alien race that lived on a planet orbiting Proxima Centauri.

The case of Elizabeth Klarer – Cambridge educated meteorologist falls in love with a “Starman”

Elizabeth Klarer was born in 1910 in a European settlement in Mooi River, Natal, South Africa. Her credentials are significant. She studied art and music in Florence before obtaining a degree in meteorology from Cambridge University. Upon graduating, she worked for intelligence groups within the South African government during World War II, decoding German communications. She has addressed the House of Lords and published papers that were read aloud at the United Nations. She has authored several books, including one in which she documented a series of bizarre encounters she had with an alien being named Akon.

Elizabeth Klarer’s first UFO encounter

Elizabeth Klarer

At age seven, sometime around 1917, Klarer and her sister were outside their home in KwaZulu-Natal midlands feeding the puppies when they saw a huge meteor streak across the sky. The object was so large; they could make out the craters etched into its surface. The sky was clear, it was early summer, and the sun had just gone down. They watched in amazement as the object hurled toward earth, seemingly flying directly at them.

Suddenly, appearing from nowhere, a silver disc “bathed in a pearly luster” swooped down toward the girls. The puppies ran yelping into the kennel as the UFO rose, flew next to the meteor, and paced it until it deviated off course and disappeared into the night sky.

The girls rushed into the house and told their parents what they had seen. Their father suggested it was a meteor. The girls agreed, however, what excited them most was the silver flying disc that they say “saved earth”.

Klarer’s second UFO sighting

The incident led to Klarer’s lifelong interest in UFOs – and flying. She became a pilot (around 1927) saying something inexplicable seemed to draw her to the sky, closer to space. It was during a flight in 1934 with her husband, an RAF pilot, that she saw the silver disk a second time. Her husband witnessed it too. They described the craft as circular with portholes grouped into threes and “shedding a soft glow”. Beneath the hull, an “intense blue-white light alternated with deepest violet”. The craft emitted no sound as it rolled onto its side and vanished.

She later said that at that moment, childhood memories and feelings rushed through her mind. Afterward, she found herself “longing for its return, a deep sense of loneliness flooding my soul.”

Upon landing, her husband filed a detailed report at the Air Force headquarters in Pretoria. Klarer says they were interrogated by the military during which she remained completely silent. The report has never been found although it appears to be alluded to in other South African military communications.

Elizabeth Klarer communicates with an alien named Akon

Elizabeth Klarer portrait of the alien Akon

The emotional feelings Klarer experienced during her second sighting of the UFO were powerful. From that day on, Klarer began practicing telepathy with horses, dogs, cats, plants, machines, and “anything else with a spark of life in it”. Her objective was to try to communicate with the craft that had made two separate appearances in her life.

One day, she began feeling something odd, different, what she thought may be telepathic messages from a friendly space alien. She says, “I knew his name within my soul, and I knew that he was there within that spaceship”. His name was Akon.

Soon after, Akon (pronounced Ah-Kahn), began conversing with Klarer on a regular basis. She says the more they spoke (through telepathy), the easier it got. Soon, Akon began telling her about earth’s history and life on other planets.

Akon told her that his race once spent much time on Venus and worked from there to seed life throughout the galaxy, including Earth and a failed attempt on Mars. He explained that he flew with a second alien named Sheron, and together they travelled to many planets beyond their home system. He revealed that he had been watching her for quite some time. He told her:

“There is no need for you to say anything. I know everything—I have observed you before. It is a knowledge and under­standing that we share, and you now belong to me. It was only necessary for me to wait until you had grown up in this knowledge and understanding.

To be one of us, you must think as we do. I observed you first when you were a child, with your sister in the garden of your home in the valley adjoining the hill. At other times, I have watched you growing up, flying through the skies of Earth looking for me, and I watched while the lightning high in the sky wrapped you with its purifying flame to make you mine.”

Klarer falls in love with a starman

As their relationship grew closer, Klarer fell in love with Akon (later husbands said they grew to accept her “love affair with a spaceman”) and on July 17, 1955, with Akon’s permission, she took photos of his ship above the Drakenberg Mountains so others would believe her story. About a year later, on April 7, 1956, she called Akon and asked that he make an actual landing. He complied, and she boarded his ship.

Elizabeth Klarer photo of Akon's spaceship UFO

In the ship were two aliens, both scientists, one a botanist type scientist, the other (Akon) a sort of astrophysicist. They were human-like, but much taller. She described their spacecraft as circular, about sixty feet in diameter, with a flattish dome in the center and portholes around the dome grouped in sets of three.

She recalled how the ship glowed when the power system was switched on and how the walls inside the ship would change color from blue to green. She marveled at how the portholes could close with a sudden movement in a manner that there “was no trace of them when they closed, just smooth walls illuminated with a soft glowing light as natural as daylight”.

She noted that the lighting inside the ship seemed to radiate from the walls and produced no shadows. Across the dome ceiling was a map of the galaxy with a flashing light indicating their position in the universe.

The ship appeared to be constructed of a porcelain-type material. As Akon explained, it was constructed from energy that “forms” rather than being “built” as we would imagine it. Later, after other travels aboard the craft, she noted that the spaceship sometimes generated thunderstorms (not always though). She was told that it had something to do with the heat and gravitational field from the ship and the condensation of molecules in the atmosphere as they passed through. She said often this occurred in a perfectly clear sky, forming a cloud with a large clear-cut hole punched through it.

Using the smaller shuttlecraft, Akon took her to a mother ship orbiting about 1,000 miles above the earth. The mothership carried about two dozen smaller landing craft and accommodated around 5,000 people including women and children. The ship was about five miles in length, cigar-shaped with blunt ends (she added that at some angles however, it would also appear to be circular, just like the smaller crafts). Life aboard the vessel was completely self-sufficient with lakes, farms, and housing enclosed within. The ship’s occupants grew their own food aboard the mothership and manufactured any objects that they needed during their travels.

Klarer travels to Meton and meets the Metonians

A year later, in 1957, Klarer was taken to Akon’s home planet, Meton. She described it as an earth-like planet with oceans and islands rather than continents. Akon explained to her that the planet was located in the multiple-star system Alpha Centauri near the Proxima Centauri star. The planet’s name, Meton, was not its official name but as close as Akon could get to rendering it in a manner Klarer could understand. According to Akon, the planet’s name was spoken telepathically and was more of an energy signature than a spoken name.

Akon explained that Metonians were one civilization of seven planets. As part of a triple star system, their planet had no day and night cycle and thus, time was measured differently than on earth. He noted that their civilization was more than 65 million years old.

Artist’s impression of Proxima Centauri b shown hypothetically as an arid rocky super-earth

Akon found the inhabitants of Meton to be gentle, non-aggressive people. They dress and eat more simply than we do and, having solved the problems of health and longevity, live to be thousands of years old. They sleep more than us, about nine hours at a time, and eat natural, uncooked foods with nutrients controlled by chemical additions to the soil. They communicate telepathically with each other and thus, cannot lie. And they love birds which they could also communicate with.

The people of Meton had an abundance of everything and thus, no barter or monetary system was needed. They had no politics nor laws and with no sense of competition, they had no competitive sports. Their way of thinking was dramatically different from ours – they were a gentle, constructive civilization that worked together for the common good.

Being capable of space travel and relocation, they were able to control the size of their population. Their families, which consisted of about seven children each, never experienced marriage or divorce – they found their mates and simply stayed together for life. With no age constraints, they often had children even if they were thousands of years old. If a mate did die by accident, they simply reincarnate and come back to their same mate to begin anew.

Klarer is impregnated, then returned to earth without her son

Klarer says that with her consent, Akon impregnated her and that she bore a child, Ayling. Akon explained that Metonians rarely mated with earth women but occasionally did so to “infuse new blood” into their species. On Meton, she became known as “the star lady”.

After four years, Klarer returned to earth leaving Ayling on Meton to be educated and raised as a Metonian.  Although they never visited Klarer on earth, she says she remained in contact with them through a type of holographic communication system.

Akon attempts to explain space travel to Klarer

Klarer, being a scientist, was inquisitive. One of the most interesting aspects of Klarer’s case is the scientific principles Akon passed on during their conversations. Many of the topics were unknown at the time but have since been scientifically proven.

Elizabeth Klarer with a bust of alien Akon

Akon told Klarer that his race had not mastered intergalactic space travel but were on the brink. He said that the intergalactic ships they were building were twice the size of their current mother ships (or “twice the harmonic” as he put it). He explained that ships were “a duplication of nature – they take their environment with them like a natural celestial object” and that they were created by “converting pure energy into physical substance”, a process they do in space.

Akon attempted to explain how the curvature of the ships “transform the total mass of the spaceship’s outer skin into a combination of matter and antimatter, as the atomic creation of the out skin is conducive to energizing in alternate pulses”. He said when the ships were powered up, an electro-gravity field “acts on all parts of the ship simultaneously, including the atoms of the occupants inside”.

Using language he hoped Klarer could understand, he mentioned smaller atomic structures than were known at the time. He called these tiny objects “micro-atoms” and said they had properties acting like waves, “either shortened or lengthened”. Klarer did her best to transcribe what he told her. It sounded remarkably like modern day Quantum physics.

“These micro-atoms of light form an electrostatic shield around this interstellar survey ship, this ship of light. A light-thrust of three beams controls and directs its maneuverability in harmonic interaction. The whole is a combination of cosmic forces—electric, magnetic, tempic and resonating. It is the harmonic interaction of the four forces of the uni­verse—the unified field. Like a natural celestial object, this ship protects her crew as a planet would, taking its environment with it through the fathomless reaches of space. The tempic field, or time field, is the controlling field. It maneu­vers the spaceship from one-time field to another within the vibration of a higher frequency that emanates from the total mass of the ship’s triple skin. As the field intensifies, the spaceship becomes invisible to any watcher on the surface of Earth. It disappears completely or suddenly appears again. It can vanish on the spot when landed or it can material­ize again. On Earth, the first indication of this would be a heat-wave effect during daylight in the atmosphere. At other times, depending on atmospheric conditions, the molecules of atmosphere surrounding the area of proximity to the spaceship condense into a cloud as it comes into the condensation level of the atmosphere. This can occur while it is hovering or moving in the sky, whether the ship is visible through the cloud or in its invisible state. All you can see, usually, is an inorganic cloud that sometimes builds and bubbles up into a vast organic cumu­lonimbus, spreading storm destruction far and wide or simply decaying away slowly in the higher atmosphere. The minimum temperature around the spaceship allows her complete mobility and velocity without limits of stress, strain, heating or restrictive influence of atmospheric pressure. This gives us feather-light landings, in a state of weightlessness, on any surface of the planet. The heat blast that is felt in the proximity of the spaceship is caused by the sudden air displacement. Micro-atoms of light are stopped, and are thereby equal to heat. These micro-atoms are pushed aside by the field differentials surrounding the spaceship, which spins faster than the speed of sound, accounting for the lack of noise. This shield prevents all fauna from approaching too close to the spaceship and prevents aircraft from moving into the fringes of the vor­tex where they would be affected by this area of reduced binding and simply fall apart in the air. That has happened at times in the past. We worked out the design of this spaceship in mathematical synchroniza­tion. It steps up the frequency interaction of light within the unified field, which permeates all of existence, making it possible for a shift in space-time to occur.”

Klarer’s claims parallel many aspects of the planet Proxima b

Much of what Akon told Klarer sixty years ago bears an uncanny semblance to what we now know about planet Proxima B. Its location, distance from earth, star system structure, and potential for harboring sentient life all match perfectly with what Klarer documented more than 50 years ago.

Klarer died in 1994 at the age of 84. She left behind an unfinished book titled The Gravity File. If completed, the book would have filled gaps and expanded on and explained more about Akon’s star system and Metonian technologies.

Klarer was married two times. Her children knew of her story and today say they wished they had asked her more about it. Her last husband told reporters he accepted that she was in love with a spaceman.

An earlier psychological experiment matches Klarer’s experiences

Klarer’s claims were strengthened by an earlier psychological study of a patient who said she also was in contact with aliens from a planet orbiting Proxima Centauri. Although the study was conducted a few years before Klarer’s communications with Akon, it was not published until 1976 – twenty years after Klarer disclosed her relationship with a starman named Akon.

Hands – a California psychological experiment contacts an alien species

Klarer’s story is paralleled by a psychological experiment that took place around the same time she was communicating telepathically with Akon. The details of the project were not revealed until 1976 in a book by Margaret Williams and Lee Gladden titled Hands: The true account – a synoptic subject reports on outer space. Klarer would undoubtedly have had no knowledge of the psychological experiments that were taking place halfway around the world.

Woman contacts alien species during a psychological experiment

A group of California psychologists led by Margaret Williams and Lee Gladden spent seven years telepathically communicating with a being that said it was located somewhere near Alpha Centauri. The study took place in 1957 and was documented in a book published in 1976 (now out of print). Communications with the alien species occurred through a hypnotized woman who was selected for psychological profiling because she had tested very high on a standard ESP test.

The alien dubbed “Hands”

Through the hypnotized woman, researchers were able to glean much information about an alien species they called “Hands”. According to Hands, it was huge, nearly as big as a house with a dome-like structure, with brownish-yellow skin that looked much like elephant skin covered in mud. It had eight hands (hence the rather cruel name – Hands).

Alien species they called Hands

Hands body was covered with large pores through which it could sense things, even hear and see through. It absorbed nutrients through vegetation rather than eating it. Hands had no idea where it came from. As far as it was concerned, it had always existed. The species’ sole purpose consisted of eating, resting, and thinking.

Hands explained that its species’ knowledge was stored in “memory banks” available to all. Linked together, they functioned as a sort of superintelligence. They had no leader, decisions were made by the group, and since they shared thoughts, there was no concept of lies or deception.

Their combined intelligence was extraordinarily powerful. They can “think” new objects into existence as well as destroy substance with “thought” and they have the uncanny ability to “sense the future”.

Hands told researchers that they had contacted humans many times before via telepathy. They noted that their communications were not linguistic but rather intuitive, via images transferred back and forth.

Hands reveals an alien species – Cenos

Hands told researchers they were in communication with humans, dolphins, and a species of creatures he called “Cenos”. It claimed Cenos had visited earth many times before.

Cover of Hands by Margaret Williams and Lee Gladden

Hands described Cenos as about 8 feet tall with elongated skulls and large fingers on both hands. They have multiple hearts which makes them extremely strong (about five times stronger than humans). They have no need for sleep and experience no disease or ailments. Their lifespans are much longer than ours, several hundred years at least.

The Cenos lived in a different solar system than Hands. Their system had three stars and their planet never grew dark. The stars were orange, yellow, and blue. One of the stars is “both a Sun and a Moon” and travels much faster than the other two. Hands said their planet is located in the Proxima Centauri star system, 4.3 light years from Earth.

Cenos once visited Hands via spacecraft that were described as round, large, cigar-shaped craft. Hands explained that the Cenos used smaller disc-shaped craft to shuttle to and from the mothership. He understood the power source for the craft utilized energy derived “from the stars”.

Some statements made by the hypnotized woman seemed to indicate that Cenos possibly built some sort of temple on Hands’ planet. Hands confirmed that they communicate with Cenos via telepathy. He said the Cenos had evolved to use telepathy, somehow honing their skill through music.

Hands told researchers that Cenos had visited earth many times, including during World War II. He said they were reluctant to share technology with us until we further evolved, were able to travel between star systems, and able to live together peaceably. According to hands, the Cenos view mankind as more of a warrior species. He said this characteristic hinders our ability to communicate with them since warrior species require deception as an inherent characteristic. This makes telepathy difficult because lying is all but impossible.

Hands revealed that Cenos can access human minds, especially easy when the person is asleep. It said that Cenos had helped human civilization in the past but felt that we misused their assistance or never respected it the way they felt we should. They noted that they had left “artifacts” in several locations throughout North Africa, southern Asia, southern North America, and South America.

Other contactees claim communication from the Proxima Centauri system

Elizabeth Klarer and the woman hypnotized in the California psychology experiment are not the only persons to claim communications from Proxima Centauri. Around 1963, Hal Wilcox claimed to have been visited by an alien from a planet (Selo) in the Proxima Centauri system. A few years later, pioneer UFO researcher Lt. Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens, wrote a book about contacts from the Proxima Centauri system.

The Taiwan Cenos photograph (2012)

Hands claimed to have been spotted in Taiwan in 2012
This bizarre story comes from psychologists who claimed they spoke with a ‘lovable and childlike’ being that had eight hands and a body structure similar to a praying mantis known as ‘Hands’, which was claimed to have been spotted in Taiwan in 2012.

Years ago, Dr. Barry Warmkessel, a physicist, and well-known alien technology expert studied the Hands project and deduced that the Hands’ planet would be near the “third, red dwarf star, Proxima Centauri” in the “Goldlocks zone of the parent star”. He researched a sighting in Taiwan in 2012 that he felt was likely a Cenos species of alien.

The creature was photographed on an iPhone 4 on May 14, 2012 by a police officer, Chen Yung-huang, near Jaiming Lake in the southern area of Central Highlands in Taitung. Captured in the photograph was a tall creature with elongated fingers.

Jiaming Lake’s most notable feature is that the Central Geological Survey, MOEA, has determined that it was created by a meteorite strike, and is the only lake in Taiwan known to have been formed in this way.

Additional information

What Akon told Klarer

In the late 1950’s, Klarer recorded much of what Akon told her in a book. Today, some of what she revealed is known science. At the time, it was unheard of. Below are some of the transcriptions of her conversations with Akon. She has long said that she wrote the best she could, understanding little of what Akon tried to convey using earthly terminology.

Jupiter is really a forming star

“The Moon is alien to this system and came with Jupiter and its retinue of planets. Jupiter is a forming star, a star condensing, and thereby, retaining a high velocity of rotation, a large mass and low density and the usual heat in the core retained by the star. A solar system within a solar system. Seven of Jupiter’s planets have retained atmospheres and life as we know it.”

The revelation here is uncanny. Today NASA says:

“Jupiter is like a star in composition. If Jupiter had been about eighty times more massive, it would have become a star rather than a planet.”

How thoughts are formed

“Mind forces, spiritual strength, soul attainment and thoughts are all made up of different speeds in the wavelength of light, or microatoms. Electricity is microatoms of light while sound and color occur when the microatoms have different speeds, and when micro-atoms are stopped, they create heat. Light is an intelligent energy which can be thought into existence and substance. The pattern of the microatoms of light changes with changing thoughts, when one achieves the formula for the harmonic vibration of light. The key to all life and the Universe lies in the harmonic interaction of light. A mathematical formula for all transportation lies in the vibratory frequencies of light harmonic, with anti-gravity waves and time waves, which are simply the frequency rate between each pulse of the spiral of light.”

How time can be manipulated

Akon attempted to explain to Klarer how time could be manipulated.

A mathematical formula for all transportation lies in the vibra­tory frequencies of the light harmonic, with antigravity waves and time waves—which are simply the frequency rate between each pulse of the spiral of light. By controlling this frequency rate, the flow of time can be varied, and one simply moves within one’s environment, within the protection of the spaceship, instantaneously from one planet to another, or one solar system to another. Time, as a geometric, is con­trolled or eliminated.”

How the speed of light concept is misunderstood by humans

Akon also explained to Klarer how the speed of light concept is misunderstood.

“We speak of the measure of light, not of the speed of light. Light gives the illusion of velocity, when in reality it is a pulse resonating in the frequencies of time and gravity. Thereby, our galaxy is created to the universal geometric harmonics of light—light is a universal geometric. Time and gravity, or a reversal in the flow of time and antigravity, can be achieved by altering the energy of light pulsing through space, through the atmosphere of planets, and throughout all creation, as micro-atoms of light form the atoms of all gases, liquids, and solids.”

How to achieve space travel

Akon revealed what mankind must do to achieve space travel.

“If we can find all the answers to atmospheric and space travel within the simplicity of nature, so could humankind of Earth find these answers, provided they cooperate with nature instead of attempting to destroy her. The key to all this lies in harmony—harmonic interaction with all things and nature throughout our galaxy—and it is for human­kind to achieve all this first.”

Metonians, and possibly mankind, may have originated on Venus

Akon noted that his people spent earlier centuries on Venus. He explained that since our sun is a variable star, with irregular frequencies, the Metonians planned ahead and built vast motherships to ferry their people away from Venus to earth and beyond. He said,

“Venus died in the last cycle of solar expansion when all flora and fauna were destroyed by lethal stellar radiations. Her proximity to the star of her system caused our scientists to study the Sun very closely.”

He explained that Venus once had an ozone layer, but it was destroyed, exposing the surface of the planet to radiation. He warned that the Earth’s ozone layer could be destroyed too and doing so would be catastrophic to the inhabitants of Earth.

Why Metonians will not share technology with mankind

Akon revealed why his species would not share their technology with earthlings.

“People on Earth use cosmic energy, or light, for destructive purposes. Radio wave propagation, nuclear bombs, and nuclear power stations—all these are used in the wrong way. People do not have the intelligence or the savvy to understand cosmic energy. And this is why we keep apart and away from people of Earth, for we shall never share the secrets of light with them.”

Akon explains evolution and confirms the fabled continent of Atlantis was real

Akon explained that man was not descended from primates as we believe today. Instead, he says man was descended from Cro-Magnon.

Akon confirmed that the fabled continent of Atlantis was indeed real. He says it was built by the Cro-Magnon people.

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