An organization for pedophiles who worship Satan, practice black magic, and embrace extreme right-wing neo-Nazi ideologies. Meet the deranged Order of Nine Angles.

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They often identify with extreme sex and pedophilia. They strive for a militaristic social order called “Imperium” that serve to battle Judeo-Christian religious groups who they believe are a threat to society. According to their teachings, they must rape, kill, and terrorize in order for a galactic civilization to form, in which “Aryan” society will…

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Tuck your head in shame. Two pro fishermen were caught cheating by placing lead weights inside the fish they “caught” while fellow fishermen turn into the proverbial “angry mob” seeking vengeance.


The incident occurred in Cleveland during the Lake Erie Walleye Trail tournament, the last major event of 2022. Jacob Runyan of Cleveland and Chase Cominsky of Hermitage, Pennsylvania were caught during the weigh in when tournament director Jason Fischer declared the duo as leaders with a total of 33.91 pounds. Second place had 16 pounds.

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