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Survey shows 1 in 5 academics have witnessed or know someone who has witnessed Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP/UFO). Even more say they want serious study of the phenomenon.

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According to a survey of academics, nearly 1 in 5 have either witnessed or know someone who has witnessed Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), aka UFOs. Additionally, 37% of respondents express some level of interest in researching UAP. The survey included 1,460 US academics, indicating that many academics see the study of UAP as a valuable area of academic investigation.

In 2022, a survey was conducted by Marissa Yingling, Charlton Yingling, and Bethany Bell, targeting professors, associate professors, and assistant professors from 144 universities across the United States, spanning 14 diverse academic disciplines. Nearly 40,000 academics were invited to participate, with a response rate of 4%. The survey aimed to gather insights into the participants’ experiences, opinions, and perceptions of UAP.

Out of the participants, 276 people (19%) shared that they or someone they knew had witnessed UAP, while 128 people (9%) reported that they or someone they knew might have seen UAP. 39% of all the participants were uncertain about the most plausible explanations for UAP, whereas 21% believed sightings were natural phenomena and 13% felt they were technology of some unknown intelligence. Although only 4% of the participants mentioned that they had conducted academic research related to UAP, 36% (524) showed some interest in exploring this field.

43% of the participants stated that they would be more inclined to conduct academic research into UAP if a reputable scholar in their discipline did so. 37% of the respondents emphasized the significance of further research into UAP, considering it very important or absolutely essential. Moreover, 64% of the participants regarded academia’s involvement in UAP-related research as very important or absolutely essential.

This study shows that a significant number of US academics from various fields believe that academia’s participation in UAP research is crucial. They may also be willing to consider engaging in research related to UAP, especially if reputable individuals in their field do so. The authors recommend that open conversations about UAP among academics could encourage more academic involvement in UAP research.

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