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Family finds someone has been secretly living within the walls of their home.

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An anonymous teenager (who says his parents have forbidden him to release the family’s name and location) has revealed details of a horrifying discovery in the walls of their family residence. Posting on a photo sharing site, the 15-year-old explained that the family had been living in the house for about a year (the home had been vacant for one year prior to that) before the discovery was made.

The teen and his younger brother were playing in their parents’ bedroom when the younger brother fell against a bookshelf that was built into the wall. On instinct, the young lad grabbed the bookshelf to keep from falling backwards and to his surprise, found that the shelf was not a normal bookshelf. The photo above is the first photo the teen released showing the bookshelf opened to reveal a secret doorway hidden behind the shelf.

The two boys, smartphones in hand, entered the door and discovered that the hidden entrance behind the bookshelf led down a spiral staircase that puzzlingly, seemed to end at a blank wall.

The hidden doorway behind the bookshelf revealed hidden stairway

Midway down the staircase, they found this small opening in the wall.

The spiral staircase seemed to lead to nowhere but notice the small crawl-space as indicated by the arrow in the photo

The teen explained:

“At the bottom, the stairs led into a wall. Seemingly pointless, right? Nope. This crawlspace was about halfway down. It looked empty, but if you crawled in…”

Climbing through the narrow crawlspace, they found a small hidden room that had recently been occupied. Inside the room they found empty candy wrappers which they identified as candy that they had collected during Halloween, along with a mysterious key, a wooden elephant toy, miscellaneous food wrappers, and a couple of creepy plastic dolls.

The family found this evidence that someone had been living within the walls of their home

The teen said that after a few moments of stunned silence, the two boys realized what they had found – someone was secretly living inside a hidden room within the walls of their home.

“Someone was living in our walls. IN OUR WALLS. That is my Halloween candy. About 30 seconds after taking this picture, we realized what it meant and got the f**k out of there.”

Mysterious key found within the hidden roomThe police were called, and the family removed from the home while they investigated the hidden room and looked for clues to help identify the intruder. Police found no unexpected guests inside the home but did find clothing tucked into one corner of the room which led them to conclude that someone had been living there temporarily for brief periods of time.

The police removed the items from the room and using mobile lab equipment, took samples from the room for analysis (police told the family that the trespasser will likely never be found).  No other entrances to the secret passage were found by the authorities.  After the investigation, the family was allowed back into the home (while police maintained a presence around the home for their protection).  The family immediately boarded up the wall space entrance.

There have been other documented cases of families finding people, and other strange things, within the walls of their homes.  In 1850, a mummified baby tumbled out of the wall of a home in Persia and mummified infants have been found in walls as recently as 2007, when contractor Bob Kinghorn discovered the body of a child wrapped in newspaper in the walls of a home in East Toronto.  In early 2009, in a 17th century home in Greenwich, a family found a “witch kit” inside the wall of their home.  The kit contained urine, hair, fingernail clippings, red thread, and a “witch bottle”.  And in 2007, a kidnapped 6-year-old was found inside a 12 by 5-foot secret room behind a false wall in a private home in Illinois.  After an investigation, it was found that the boy had been tied up and held captive inside the secret room by his birth father who had kidnapped the boy after a custody dispute.

Our thanks go out to loyal reader “Stratton” for passing this wonderfully creepy story on to us!

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