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Eh, dead MI6 agent found padlocked inside own gym bag probably a self-inflicted accident?

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MI6 mathmetician and secret-agent Gareth Williams found locked inside his own gym bagIn a classic WTF moment, the ruling on the death of MI6 espionage agent Gareth Williams has been changed. Originally the secret code breaker’s death was ruled a “unnatural and likely criminally meditated act” after his lifeless body was found stuffed inside his own padlocked gym bag. Now British police say that Williams’ death was “most probably” an accident.

Williams’ naked and decomposing remains were found inside his locked sports gym bag in the empty bathtub of his Security Service safe house apartment in Pimlico, London on August 23, 2010, after coworkers reported the GCHQ code-breaker had been out of contact for several days. The case has baffled British investigators because post-mortem tests consistently failed to produce any credible DNA traces — or even evidence that his apartment was “cleaned” to remove such evidence (his family claims that fingerprints left at the scene were removed as part of a cover-up). In an incredibly intelligent deduction, they are also originally concluded that it would have been impossible for Williams to lock himself inside his own gym bag.

Now after finding evidence that Williams had occasionally visited bondage-related websites (there’s also evidence of a purposeful smear-campaign against his character), they have changed their minds, claiming that it was “theoretically possible” that Williams could have padlocked the bag from the inside, despite Pathologists who said he would have suffocated within three minutes if he had been alive when he got inside it and the fact that none of his DNA was found on the lock attached to the bag and his palm prints were not found on the rim of the bath. Still, he’s MI6 so, who knows…

British media has reported that the inquest evidence indicated Williams was one of a team of intelligence officers sent to penetrate US and UK hacking networks.  BBC admitted the police’s new findings were likely to fuel theories of a successful cover up by the intelligence agencies.

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