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Metallic disc-shaped UFO caught on film during Santee Historical Society photo shoot of haunted Edgemoor Barn.

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Close up of metallic disc-shaped UFO at Edgemoor Barn, Santee, CaliforniaEl Henry, a member of California’s Santee Historical Society (SHS) snapped an interesting photo a couple of weeks ago, one that leaves a lot of folks scratching their heads. While Henry and another photographic crew were shooting photos of the historic Edgemoor Barn, which was celebrating its 100-year anniversary, she noted that her camera suddenly stopped working. She recalled that after taking the picture, she checked the shot for clarity and noticed a “speck” on the LCD display but did not immediately recognize what it was.  Later, when she uploaded the photos to her computer, the anomaly was much more evident. After enlarging the image, she was surprised to see that she had captured a disc or oval-shaped metallic object in the sky behind the barn.

“I did not see or hear the object, nor did the guys at Balfour Beatty who were out there at the same time I was taking the pics. I thought it could be military, but being from a military background I am familiar with these types of aircraft, and at this point the closest aircraft that is often mistaken for a UFO are the Stealth Fighter Bombers, and this was definitely not one. Someone did mention perhaps it was a drone, however I have not seen any drones that were round, or oval, and lacking wings, rudders, or propellers.”

Henry explained that the photo was taken mid-day on May 7, 2013, and that during the shoot of Edgemoor Barn (which is now a museum), she was constantly checking the area, including the sky in the background, for correct lighting. At no time did she see or hear anything in the area. She noted that the location has long been noted for its paranormal activity including the 100-year-old barn she was photographing which is thought to be “haunted” by local residents and is a big draw for paranormal investigators responding to ghost sightings.

Original photo of metallic disc-shaped UFO at Edgemoor Barn, Santee, California

Santee ABC news affiliate 10 News contacted local airfields, but none could offer an explanation for what Henry had captured in her photograph.

Altered Dimensions contacted Henry before this story was released, asking for the original photo and shots taken before and after, but did not receive a response prior to publication.

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