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This month’s hoaxes, misinformation and non-events (October 2013)

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We get so many emails from readers asking why we have not posted news about X (a “paranormal” event that is making news in other outlets), we decided to run a monthly, running report of what we consider, at the time, to be “non-events”. This report will list the week’s media-reported paranormal events along with the reason why we feel the report does not bear merit at this time. If further evidence supporting the validity of the event emerges, we’ll remove it from this list and report as Geek Slop’s paranormal news.

How do you test the validity of a UFO report?

  1. Look for familiar objects or behaviors.  If it looks like a balloon – it’s probably a balloon.
  2. Look for multiple camera angles from multiple videographers.  The more people that captured it on film, the more reliable the report.
  3. Finally, look for unusual changes in speed or inexplicable flight characteristics.  If a UFO makes sudden, right-angle movements at high speed, something that cannot easily be replicated using modern technology, it gets bonus points for authenticity.

This month’s goofy UFO reports

9/30/2013 – Daytime UFO over Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico: likely debris, natural lights.

9/30/2013 – UFO over San Antonio.  Shaky video footage makes the report sketchy.  Other debris can be seen floating around in the video frame.  Small light, possibly planet, early evening star.

10/3/2013 – UFO over Nanling Campus of Julin University in China.  Object presents no unexplained movement or speed.  Stationary light.  Only frames from the video have been released and not the entire video itself.  Possible hoax.

10/6/13 – UFO captured over Hong Kong by former TV reporter.  I don’t doubt the validity of the video but rather given that the object remains stationary, does not display any impossible or unconventional movements, and “goes out” after 15 minutes gives credence to it being unidentifiable.  Likely Chinese lanterns or a balloon.

10/13/13 – UFOs captured over New York City.  Don’t get too excited over this one.  Most investigators believe these are yellow balloons.

10/17/13 – Iceland UFO: firewall descends from sky and appears to land in the city.  Call us crazy but flares exhibit the exact same behavior.

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