New Bigfoot video clip captures sasquatch creature in Sequoia National Park

Filmmaker, Shawn Bannon, has released a short documentary film titled “Creature in the Giant Sequoias” which includes an interesting clip of a Bigfoot creature. On a funding grant from the National Geographic Society, the bigfoot was filmed in the Sequoia National Park, a location that has produced hundreds of sightings (and video recordings) in the…

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This month’s hoaxes, misinformation and non-events (October 2013)

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We get so many emails from readers asking why we have not posted news about X (a “paranormal” event that is making news in other outlets), we decided to run a monthly, running report of “non-events”. This report will list this month’s popular media-reported paranormal events along with the reason why we feel the report…

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The Loch Ness Monster (aka “Nessie”)

The original Loch Ness Monster photo - "Surgeon's photograph" of 1934.

The earliest report of the Loch Ness Monster, a large amphibious anomalous creature associated with the vicinity of Loch Ness, appears in the Life of St. Columba by Adomnán, written in the 7th century.

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