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Legendary rock star Sammy Hagar recounts his 1967 alien abduction (and an earlier 1951 UFO sighting)

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Veteran mega-rockstar Sammy Hagar, the “Red Rocker”, has spoken openly about his UFO alien abduction and subsequent interest in the paranormal before. Back in 2011 he shocked fans when he first broke the story of his 1967 alien abduction on several national television show appearances. This week, he expanded on the story during an interview on the Howard Stern radio show. Noting how his alien abduction experienced “changed his life” forever, Sammy Hagar went on to talk about a childhood UFO sighting and recounted an eerie ghost story about his deceased father.

Below is a partial transcript of the Howard Stern Show interview during which Sammy Hagar retold his alien abduction story. Typical Howard Stern “joking around” banter has been edited out to aid in clarity.

Howard Stern Show: Were you really abducted by aliens when you were 18?

Sammy Hagar: Yes sir, I was.

Howard Stern Show: And stuff was “downloaded“ into your head?

SH: Yes. Back then, and this was about 1967…

[Sammy Hagar interrupted by misc. jokes and typical Howard Stern banter]

Sammy Hagar: You gotta be careful with this stuff. You gotta be careful because people, if you say something and they think you’re crazy, it’ll take away all of your credibility. But I can’t deny this. So, I’m in bed and all of a sudden, I see in my head – this is before wireless, this is before any kind of remote stuff, it was before computers, that we knew of…

Howard Stern Show: How old were you at this point?

Sammy Hagar: About 20. Whatever year that was. [Geek Slop note: it was indeed 1967]

Howard Stern Show: And what had you done [earlier] that night?

Sammy Hagar: Nothing. I didn’t drink or anything back then. I didn’t start drinking until I was like 30.

Howard Stern Show: Go ahead.

Sammy Hagar: So I’m lying in bed. I feel like I’m dreaming that there’s these little aliens – 2 guys sitting in this ship up on the hill behind us about 11 miles away and there’s like this…  I could see that they had something plugged into me. I mean a wireless thing – I didn’t know what it was called – a wireless remote system.

Howard Stern Show: What did these guys look like?

Sammy Hagar: They were just kind of non-forms. They were just kind of blobs. Kind of like a lot of aliens when you see pictures of them [blurry, fuzzy]. I had never even thought about this shit.

[Sammy Hagar interrupted with more jokes and juvenile banter]

Sammy Hagar: And so these guys came and they said “Oh, he’s waking up”. They didn’t say shit, but you know, it was all mental telepathy. I felt I was plugged in or something. I don’t know if they were downloading into me now that I know about computers, or if they were uploading out of my head in order to see what I knew – like an experiment.

They said, “Oh, he’s waking up, we gotta end it”. They hollered out some weird numerical code. I mean like it was not of our numerical system – not 911 or 11/16 or anything like that. It went like “whoop” and the thing was [turned] off. I woke up. My room was white. I couldn’t see anything at all. Then “Pow!” it went black. And I laid there in bed shaking so bad – I mean it was just really real.

Howard Stern Show: And it couldn’t have been a dream?

Sammy Hagar: No. And it changed my life. How about that?

Howard Stern Show: How did it change your life?

Sammy Hagar: Well, it changed my life in that now I am interested in aliens. Now I am looking up in the sky, wondering about shit. I all of a sudden became interested in astrology and…

[Sammy Hagar interrupted.  More laughter.  The interview degrades into more Howard Stern banter.]

Turns out that the alien abduction episode Hagar described was not his first experience with UFO’s. Hagar also told of a UFO sighting he had when he was just a child.

Sammy Hagar: That happened. That friggin’ happened, I’ll tell you right now. Another thing happened when I was about four that I didn’t put into the book [referring to an autobiographical book that Hagar published in 2011]. One time I saw what I considered to be, well, at the time I thought it was a “car with no wheels”. We lived out in the country, and I saw this thing floating across a field, creating this big dust storm. I threw rocks at it and shit. And I don’t know what happened after that.

Towards the end of the Howard Stern interview, the conversation turns to ghosts and rumors that Sammy once saw his dead father’s ghost. Hagar continued:

Sammy Hagar: My dad was still alive when this happened.

Howard Stern Show: Wait a minute. Your dad was still alive [but not around] when you had this [alien abduction experience] but when your father died, he came knocking on your door?

Sammy Hagar: Yes sir, he did. See, here we go Howard. [Sammy rolls his eyes and turns to address the others in the room] He claims he’s not interested in this stuff but see…

Howard Stern Show: [more chitchat and jokes about Sammy Hagar seeing his dead dad’s ghost]

Sammy Hagar: I was sleeping on the floor. I had a one room apartment with a kitchen, you know a small kitchenette, my son was sleeping on a little tiny mattress. He was 2 or 3 years old, Aaron, my oldest son, and he was on a little mattress underneath a table, and I had a mattress on the floor, that my wife and I were sleeping on it, freshly married. We had a band that were sleeping on the manager’s floor next door and no telephone [in our room], I’m lying there and I “dream”, everything is exactly like it sounds, and somebody knocks on my door. I get up in the middle of the night, I open it up, it’s my dad.

He’s like the same age as me, 21 or whatever I was and he’s saying, “Great day for the Irish son!” (this is what he always said when he was drunk).  He was all happy and I said “Don’t ever come here drunk like this in front of my little boy here. You’re going to scare him you son of a bitch. Get the hell out of here!”. I slammed the door on him.

I went back to bed and told my wife, “Uh, ah, it was my dad. Pissed me off.”

So I lay back down and pull the covers back up. Knock knock knock. “Mother fucker!” I get up and go answer the door. It’s our manager who had my band sleeping on his floor. He had a telephone [in his room]. He goes (it’s 4:00 in the morning) he goes “Uh, your sister’s on the phone.”

I go over to his room, [Hagar mimics answering a telephone], she says “Dad died”.

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