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Triangular UFO sighted in Tennessee as witness passes directly underneath the hovering object

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We typically don’t report on triangular-shaped UFOs but an interesting report of a stationary triangular-shaped UFO came out of Tennessee this week.  At approximately 10:00 PM on April 27, 2013, the witness was returning home from a grocery shopping trip in nearby Crossville, Tennessee when she noticed a large object hovering over nearby power lines.  The witness noted that the object was triangular in shape with curved edges, dark gray in color, and lit with illuminated “circles” of light underneath.  The object hovered silently only “a few inches” above the roadside power lines.  The witness passed almost directly under the object giving her an excellent few of the underside of the craft.

“I noticed 4 beams of light that went from one side to the other of the object and pulsed about 4 times on and off. The lights were about 6 to 8 foot across. Larger than the circular light in the middle.”

The witness tried to track the object in her rear-view mirror after she passed underneath but could not see the object and assumed it had disappeared.  She attempted to alert oncoming drivers as she drove onward.

“Also, while this was going on, there were no other cars on the road and after continuing about 1/2 mile I did see 2 different cars coming from the other direction and I flashed my lights at them just to alert them, in case the object was still in the area or if it possibly landed.”

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