Clear photos of triangular UFO surface this week from Virginia.

triangular ufo over charlottesville virginia 550x288

A new set of UFO photos add to the rash of UFO sightings this year – and they might be the best triangular UFO photos to date. Shot in Charlottesville, Virginia around 8:55 PM on July 24, 2016, the photos show a triangle-shaped UFO moving low over Route 29 “near the Kroger and K-Mart”.

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New Rendlesham Forest UFO evidence – former US Army Commander confirms radar tracked unknown object in the area.

Colonel Charles Halt - Rendlesham Forest UFO witness

On two nights in late-December 1980, bizarre lights and mysterious flying objects were witnessed by dozens of military personnel in Rendlesham Forest, just outside the Bentwaters airbase in Suffolk. Dubbed “Britain’s Roswell”, the Rendlesham Forest UFO event is one of the most well-documented and widely-witnessed UFO sightings in modern times. Now a witness to the…

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Rendlesham Forest UFO event near Royal Air Force base in Suffolk (1980)

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On December 26, 1980 at approximately 3:00 AM, two United States Air Force security patrolmen noticed unusual lights outside the back gate of the base. Thinking that an aircraft had crashed, they requested to leave the base to investigate. The on-duty flight chief granted permission and sent three patrolmen to investigate – Sergeant Jim Penniston,…

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