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Video catches object propelled off counter in Gilford, New Hampshire surveillance video.

Haunted Ellacoya Country Store Gilford, New Hampshire

A newly released video depicting a glass object flying from a store countertop, presumable propelled by some unseen ghostly force, and smashing into pieces on the shop’s floor has sparked a Ghost Hunters investigation in the little town of Gilford, New Hampshire.  The video quickly spread after the Ellacoya Country Store (located at 2667 Lake Shore Road in Gilford) posted the video on the Ellacoya Barn & Grille Facebook page with the heading “Haunted Much?”.

In the surveillance video footage, which was shot on March 10, 2014, store employee Heidi Boyd leaves the shop’s counter and walks into a backroom.  Shadows and lighting change indicating she is moving about in the backroom.  Moments after she exits the room, a glass cover (a glass top for a cake display) amongst a cluster of objects on the countertop, suddenly springs off the counter breaking on the floor below.  There was nobody standing in the room at the time and no other objects on the countertop were disturbed.  The woman returns to the room to see what the sound was, looks towards a glass case on the other side of the room, then turns and sees the broken object on the floor.  She leaves and returns into frame to clean up the mess while explaining to a customer what just happened.

Store Manager Lisa Giles told reporters that Boyd texted her immediately after the strange occurrence.

“It didn’t make sense to her. However, anyone who’s been here a substantial amount of time has seen something. When we first opened the place, we saw the ghost of a man standing in the doorway.”

Local news station WMUR investigated the incident and ran a report on the local television news.  As they noted, the window behind the counter is permanently sealed shut so there’s no way someone could pull a wire or line to move the item from the outside.  Local Scott Knipping agreed:

“If you’ve ever been in this store, you probably know the door is nowhere near the counter and that window you see probably hasn’t been opened in decades, so a fishing line theory just doesn’t add up.”

Skeptics immediately began crying “hoax”, a proclamation that upset Boyd.

“Are you kidding me… We did not make this up. I was the only one in the store!!!!!  It couldn’t slide off and leave everything under it untouched!!! The pedestal has ¾” rim around the plate so explain how it could just slide off? Um, because it didn’t – that’s why!!!”

Store owner Steve Buzzota confirmed that the ghostly incident was not perpetuated by Boyd.  He told WMUR,

“This is definitely not a staged act. This really happened and it’s kind of freaky.”

The incident has also made store employee Heidi Boyd (the lady in the video) a believer in ghostly hauntings:

“This place is very old [the shop dates back to 1890]. You can’t make it up. I absolutely believe.”

Below is an edited version of the video with additional post-processing (zoom, slow motion, etc.).

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