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High-res video of hexagon-shaped UFO flying above military base in Nevada.

Hexagon-shaped UFO flying above military base in Nevada

With the deluge of sketchy quadcopter and LED-light UFO videos that began suturing the Internet last year, I’ve been quite hesitant to post news of these events (which I consider to be “nonevents”) unless there is sufficient evidence to suggest they are authentic.  The fact is that hoaxes are much more difficult to spot today.  But the video below is intriguing.  Admittedly, the authenticity of the video cannot be 100% verified but I thought I’d go ahead and pass it along and invite reader comments.  But first, a bit of information about the video’s author and the video itself, which depicts a high-resolution shot of a strange hexagonal-like glowing object flying above a military base in Nevada (with the added excitement of an additional UAP passing near the object towards the end of the clip).

The video below contains enhanced segments of a video posted to YouTube by “John Walson”.  Walson exhibits a penchant for posting military-base videos and made headlines several years ago after an infamous series of “moon shots” which he claimed showed extraterrestrial objects flying in space (he shot the video using a telescope).  Walson has been veritably crucified by the UFO community.  Some say the torment is justified and directed towards a hoaxer who is simply out to make a buck.  Others, however, claim the discredit is a purposeful misinformation campaign directed by governmental entities and/or ex-business partners soured over a film deal gone bad.

Walson, whose real name is rumored to be “Simon Anderson”, is reported to be out of West Sussex, UK.  Although he’s been accused of hoaxing before, the allegations themselves have proven to be a bit superficial.  After the release of his “moon shot” videos, many denounced the videos after Walson refused to reveal details about the time and position in the sky that the objects were filmed in.  Detractors said revealing the time/location would prove the video was a fraud while Walson says release of such information could endanger his livelihood.

Walson has also made various copyright infringement claims while at the same time, has been accused of plagiarizing other author’s works himself.  Is he a hoaxer, a scam artist, or victim of a carefully planned character assassination campaign?  We can’t make that call just yet so, we’ll just show this video that he has posted this week to YouTube and let readers make their own judgment.

Walson’s video shows a hexagon-shaped arrangement of lights which he says were filmed passing over a military base in Nevada.  The video was taken from a rented airplane which was presumably used to fly close to the restricted airspace and film above the mountain range that lies nearby.  The video was shot with a powerful zoom lens and utilizes mechanical stabilization.  Additional photos and video posted by Walson also appear to be shot in Nevada and at least one independent researcher has verified the location of the shots.   Frames towards the end of his video show an additional UAP entering the shot and moving past the brightly lit hexagon UFO.

Check out the video below, then post your theories in the comments below.

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