High-res video of hexagon-shaped UFO flying above military base in Nevada.

Hexagon-shaped UFO flying above military base in Nevada

With the deluge of sketchy quadcopter and LED-light UFO videos that began suturing the Internet last year, I’ve been quite hesitant to post news of these events (which I consider to be “nonevents”) unless there is sufficient evidence to suggest they are authentic. Fact is, hoaxes are much more difficult to spot today. But the…

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Another intriguing UFO discovered in Taiwan Google Street View photo.

Taiwan UFO discovered in Google Street View photo

You’d think that Google Street View cars would occasionally capture pictures of UFOs. Think about it. Dozens of cars driving all over the planet snapping random pictures of the geography for several hours each day – they’re bound to capture an odd, unexpected object in the sky from time to time. And they do. Another…

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