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NASA’s Curiosity rover captures odd shard of light bursting from surface of Mars

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imageWe’re not going to file this one under paranormal events just yet but still, it’s an interesting find. Eagle eyes have spotted an odd shard of light that seems to be erupting from the surface of Mars. Geek Slop verified that the photo is available on NASA’s website and has not been altered in any way. Two explanations thus far include missing photo image data (not likely since the light shows a distinct rounded-bottom and seems to overlay the terrain above and behind it) or possibly a reflection off of, well, we’re not sure what it would be reflecting off of and hence, the mystery.

NASA has not publicly commented on the photo, which was taken by the rover’s right-hand navigation camera, nor offered an explanation for the strange burst of light. The area that the rover is approaching is an interesting part of Mars though. Known as the Kimberly, four different types of rock converge at the point the burst of light appears to be bursting from.

Update 4/9/2014: NASA provided a statement today saying that the strange light could be a reflective rock or cosmic rays (charged particles that fly through the universe) colliding with the rover’s camera.  However, they also pointed out that the odd light appears in the same spot on two different days (April 2 and April 3) which they called “oddly coincidental”.

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