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NASA webcam captures beam of red light shooting down towards Earth.

Mysterious read beam of light shooting towards Earth - captured by International Space Station webcam

NASA video cams captured an intriguing, and bizarre, occurrence on December 5, 2014 – a mysterious beam of red light shooting from an unknown red sphere down to Earth (see screenshot above). The red light beam occurred around 9:20 AM GMT and was captured by a live webcam that’s placed on the outside of the International Space Station.  And this isn’t the first time a strange beam of light was spotted in space…

The source of the beam of light is unknown but it’s obviously not a natural occurrence. One viewer thinks it’s NASA using a red laser to “mess with our heads” while some have suggested it is a UFO probing or communicating with something or someone on earth.  Others, however, think the video may have captured the testing of a new space-based laser weapon (property of either the United States or China).

Thus far eager eyes have spotted the light beam at least twice – the latest sighting on December 5 and an earlier occurrence on November 21, 2014.  In both instances, the red flash/beam erupts near another unidentified white orb (near the center of the video frame).

Check out the video below. Watch carefully – it flashes quickly near the top, left-hand side of the video. We’ve also included slo-mo post processing and a zoom to make it easier to see as well as the video from the earlier November 2014 occurrence of the light.

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