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Pilots report mystery flying man shooting across the side of their commercial aircraft

Airbus A320 airplane crew spot flying man zipping past their aircraft

Pilots of an Airbus 320 received a shock on June 13, 2014, when an “unidentified flying man” zipped across the side of their plane as it was making its landing approach at Manchester Airport in England. Pilots say the flying man was easily visible – it (he?) came within 75 yards of their aircraft. Initially the flight crew believed the flying man could have been a paraglider or parachutist but then recognized that he was wearing no aerial equipment as he zoomed past the plane.

The pilots say the man flew by so fast they had no time to initiate avoidance maneuvers. They immediately radioed air traffic control who reported seeing nothing unusual on their radars. The incident was classified as a “near-miss” and investigated by the UK Airprox Board who found no paragliders, parachutists, or balloonists in the area during the time of the sighting. Experts were consulted and reported back that the weather conditions at the time of the sightings “would have made it impossible for a lone flyer to be in the area.”

The strange creature (man?) has been dubbed the “Superman of Macclesfield”.  The sighting remains “unidentified”.

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