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Runaway teenager found living the good life inside 24-hour Walmart store.

Runaway teenager found living inside Walmart store in Corsicana, Texas

A 14-year-old Texas boy was found four days after he ran away from home in the most unlikely place – living inside a 24-hour Walmart in Corsicana, Texas. The young teen had set up two hidden “camp sites” inside the store, including a sleeping area tucked behind a row of baby stroller boxes, and survived by eating food taken from the store.  Alas, his untidy habits put an end to his clever ploy – employees discovered the boy after following a “trail of food wrappers” that led to the teen’s hidden lair.

Police say the boy avoided detection by changing clothes several times each day and noted that he seemed to be doing quite well, even keeping a pet fish from the pet department in a bowl near his sleeping area. The boy was taken into custody and released to relatives. No charges were filed against the clever, but misguided youth.

Hidden sleeping area used by runaway boy who lived inside a Walmart for four days
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