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Watch video of sinkhole forming and nearly swallowing cars on Russian highway

Sinkhole in Russian highway nearly swallows passing cars

A driver in the town of Tyumen, Siberia narrowly avoided being swallowed up by a giant sinkhole in the highway on Thursday.  In the video below, drivers notice the depression in the road and move to the right lane in order to avoid it.  But one driver does not notice the forming sinkhole soon enough and has to wait for the driver to stop and let him move to the right lane.  As he does, the traffic stalls and the driver is left parked right next to the growing depression in the road.  As more cars pile up around the depression, the road surface gives away revealing a huge, gaping sinkhole.

Russian media reported that nobody was hurt.  The sinkhole measured about 20 feet wide and about 16 feet deep.  Experts say recent heavy rains most likely caused the sinkhole to appear.  Check it out in the video below.

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