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Uh, what is this strange smoky ghostly figure that was captured on video gliding through stands during Bolivian soccer game?

Strange smoky ghostly figure captured on video gliding through stands during Bolivian soccer game

A strange ghostly figure was captured on video during the taping of a Bolivian soccer game last week. The dark silhouetted figure can be seen gliding at a fast, steady clip through the crowd. The ghostly figure seemingly passes through fans and a concrete barrier separating two sections of the stadium’s stands. Fans do not seem to react as the smoky figure speeds by (or through) them.

The odd spectacle was captured during a television broadcast on April 17, 2014, during a soccer game in the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia. Fans, who noted that this is not the first time a ghostly presence has presented itself at a soccer game, have been spooked by the bizarre video that is now running viral through their country.

The country is no stranger to ghosts in soccer games. Some Venezuelans believe the ‘ghost’ of their deceased President Hugo Chavez was responsible for saving an otherwise certain goal during an international match against Colombia (fans claim a ghostly figure was seen tapping the ball over the goal post).

We see no indication the video was tampered with and the only explanation we can come up with is a skateboarder. However, that doesn’t explain the fan’s non-reaction to the figure. Check out the unusual video and let us know in the comments below.

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